October 14 2009 Meeting

Meeting moved up one week due to scheduling.

Dave Yadallee will chair the next Canadian Club of Edmonton Meeting with features Dr. Alex Meisen, Alberta Research Council's Chair of Foresight.

October 2008 Speaker

Our Mission: /To Share and Encourage a Passion for Canada/


Prof. Tom Keating - U. of A.

"Canada at War in Afghanistan"


12:00 noon, Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe

Cost $30.00

Tom Keating is a Professor and former Chair of the Department of Political

Science at the University of Alberta, where he teaches in the areas of

Canadian foreign policy and international relations. He is a graduate of

Dalhousie University and has taught at St. Francis Xavier University and

Carleton University as well as part of the War Studies Program at the Royal

Military College, and more locally for the Edmonton Lifelong Learners'

Association. He also teaches in Mexico as part of a graduate program in

Canada-US Studies. He is the author of /Canada and World Order/ published by

Oxford University Press and is the co-editor with Andy Knight of /Building/

/Sustainable Peace/ published by the University of Alberta Press. He is

married with two children and has lived in Edmonton since the mid-1980s. He

enjoys hiking, skiing, reading and all types of music and theatre.

September 2008 Speaker

Chief Mike Boyd

Chief Mike Boyd joined the Edmonton Police Service on January 1, 2006 with

35 years of policing behind him.

Although his police career involved working in uniform and plainclothes

areas, the majority of his time was spent in investigative branches and the

fields of police professionalism, ethics and race relations. Chief Boyd's

commitment to intelligence-led policing, combating organized crime, and

improving problem-solving techniques has remained strong over the years.

He has been recognized with numerous national and international

awards including his investiture as Commander of the Order of Merit of the

Police Forces by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson,

Governor General of Canada in 2004.

It's been over two years since Chief Boyd joined the Edmonton Police

Service, and his strong leadership has become evident to those within the

Service as well as those from across the community. He is an innovator. He

is a problem solver. He is a community champion.

Chief Boyd is as focused on developing better methods and technologies to

solve crime and reduce victimization as he is to building relationships

through community policing. He is the epitome of an experienced,

professional, ethical, passionate and confident leader who is attuned to

the needs of his community.

The Office of the Chief

The Chief of Police is responsible for the efficient and effective

operation of all components of the Edmonton Police Service, and consistent

with the provisions of Section 41 of the Police Act, is responsible for the


. The preservation and maintenance of the public peace and the

prevention of crime within the municipality,

. The maintenance of discipline and the performance of duty within the

police service, subject to the regulations governing the discipline

and the performance of duty of police officers,

. The day-to-day administration of the police service,

. The application of professional police procedures, and

. The enforcement of policies made by the Edmonton Police Commission

with respect to the police.

Canadian Club of Edmonton 2008/09 speakers

To Date:

2008-2009 SPEAKERS




_Wednesday,_ September 17th, 2008

Chief Mike Boyd

Edmonton Police Service

_Thursday,_ October 16th, 2008

Prof. Tom Keating-U of A

"Canada at War in Afghanistan"

_Wednesday,_ November 19th, 2008

Myrna Kostash-Alberta Author

"Reading the River -

A Travellers Guide to the North

Saskatchewan River"

_Wednesday,_ December 17th, 2008

Neil Millard

Retired United Church Minister

" Dief is Chief.....Again!"

May 2008 Meeting: Religion the problem? The solution?

The Canadian Club of Edmonton next meeting is 21 May 2008, noon.

With Rabbi Kunin talking on Religion the Problem of the Solution?

Cost: $27.00 . tickets available at the door!

Student Debate on 16 April 2008

A student debate on Afghanistan will take place with 2 students from Ross

Shepherd and 2 students from Old Scona Academic

Where: Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe Edmonton 10111 Bellamy Hill

When: Wednesday 16 April 2008 noon MDT

Cost: $27.00

March 2008 Speaker is Debbie Marshall The Writer

Debbie Marshall will be talking about Roberta MacAdams, an Edmontonian serving overseas during World War I .

Where: Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe Edmonton 10111 Bellamy Hill

When: Wednesday 19 March 2008 noon MDT

Cost: $27.00


Debbie Marshall has worked as a freelance writer and editor for over twenty years, contributing to local and national magazines and on-line publications, including Legacy, Alberta Views, The Beaver, NeWest Review, Canadian Heritage, The Canadian Encyclopedia, The United Church Observer, and others. For eight years, she was editor of the national Exchange Magazine for Adult Learners. In 2001, she co-authored Candles to Kilowatts: 100 Years of Edmontons Power Company (Duval House). Since then, Marshall has contributed to anthologies such as Dropped Threads II (Toronto: Random House, 2003) and Push It! (Cleveland: UCP, 2002). She has also edited collections, including Spiritual Quest: Stories from Life (Toronto: UCPH, 2003) and the Edmonton best seller Big Enough Dreams (Edmonton: Learning Community Press, 2006)an anthology describing the compelling lives of developmentally disabled Albertans.

Most recently, Marshalls passionate love for history was revealed in another Edmonton bestseller, Give Your Other Vote to the Sister: A Womans Journey into the Great War, (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2007). Give Your Other Vote is a biography of one of the first two women elected to a legislature anywhere in the British Empire. That woman was Roberta MacAdams, an Edmontonian serving overseas during World War I. Marshalls biography not only describes this compelling politician, but also the authors own journey across Canada and Europe as she attempted to reclaim the life of this forgotten woman.

Debbie Marshall continues to be interested in the First World War, and is currently writing the true story of three Canadian war correspondents and their experiences covering the conflict that changed the world.

20 February 2008 Speaker

20 February 2008 Speaker is Audrey Mae Poitras President of the Metis Nation of Alberta

Cost $27 for lunch

Where: Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe 10111 Bellemay Hill

When : 20 February 2008 starting at noon sharp


Audrey Mae Poitras has served as President of the Metis Nation of Alberta since 1996, the first female in that position. She also serves as Vice-President on the Canadian Metis National Council. Bom Audrey Dumont, she shares common ancestry with Gabriel Dumont. her home town is Elk Point. Alberta, and she lives in Edmonton. Alberta. Audrey Poitras is one of the highest profile Metis women in Canada. From her early days in the small community of Elk Point in northeastern Alberta until today, she has been a champion of the rights of Metis in this country. From Metis identity to Metis rights and recognition, Audrey remains a key figure among Canada's political leaders. In the summer of 2005 she was recognized as one of the 50 most influential people in Alberta Audrey was a successful business owner prior to her first election in 1996. Audrey's career in provincial Metis politics began in 1996 when she was elected to lead the Metis Nation of Alberta, as its first female President. Her leadership direction was reinforced in 1999, 2002, and again in 2005 when she was elected to her fourth consecutive term as President of the Metis Nation of Alberta. In April 2004, Audrey represented the Metis Nation at the historic Canada Aboriginal Peoples Roundtable attended by more than 20 federal cabinet ministers and 70 Aboriginal leaders from across the country. Sitting alongside the Prime Minister and other national Aboriginal leaders, Audrey affirmed the Metis Nation's commitment towards a Canada-Metis Nation Framework Agreement. President Poitras witnessed the signing of the Framework Agreement on May 31, 2005 during the federal Policy Retreat on Aboriginal issues in Ottawa. President Poitras launched the Metis Nation's official magazine, Otipemisiwak-Voice of the Metis Nation in Alberta in March 2004.

Upcoming Meetings

20 February 2008

Audrey Poitras President of the Metis NAtion of Alberta

19 MArch 2008

Debbie Marshall on Lt. Roberta MacAdams

16 April 2008

High School Debate

21 MAy 2008

Rabbi Kunin REligion, the Problem or the Solution

18 June 2008

Dr. A. Koshal The Mazankowski Heart Institute

January 2008 Speaker

The Canadian Club of Edmonton will next 23 Jan 2008 Noon at the Chateau Lacombe Edmonton .

cost for Lunch is $27.

Our speaking is former Provincial Minister and current Executive Director of the Public School Boards Association of Alberta David King.


David King has served as the Executive Director of the Public School Boards Association of Alberta since February, 1990. The Association is a voluntary membership organization for public school jurisdictions in Alberta. It advocates and acts to strengthen a public school system which is genuinely and completely inclusive and a powerful model of a civil democratic community.

During the time Mr. King has been Executive Director of the Association, well-regarded leadership development programs have been initiated for trustees, system level administrators, and school based leaders. The Public School Boards Council has been created and it has come to be recognized as the primary deliberative assembly for public school boards in the province. The First Choice identity program provides one brand that connects public schools across the province, regardless of jurisdiction.

Mr. King has experience in merchant banking (with Capwest Capital Services Ltd.), and in social science research (as Research Director for the Edmonton and District Council of Churches). He has also served on the Board of Directors of a number of public and private companies, including L.S.I. Logic Corporation of Canada, Inc., Domglas Canada, Inc., Norwich Trading Corp, and Firstclass Systems, Inc.

Mr. King was a charter member of: Communitas; the Edmonton Citizens for Better Housing Society; the Boyle Street Community Services Cooperative; and, the Boyle-McCauley Health Centre.

From August, 1971 until April, 1986, Mr. King was a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. In this time he was Legislative Secretary to then Premier Lougheed, Minister of Education (upon the appointment of Premier Lougheed), and Minister of Technology, Research and Telecommunications (upon the appointment of Premier Getty). Mr. King served longer as Minister of Education in Alberta than anyone in any province in the past 30 years.

During his seven years in three different Alberta Cabinets, Mr. King served as a member of various Cabinet Committees, including: Social Planning; Economic Planning; Labour Relations; Science; and, Communications Policy. For two years he was the Minister Responsible for the implementation of the Governments Policy on Professions and Occupations.

As Minister of Education, Mr. King was responsible for a number of major initiatives, including the establishment of: Provincial Diploma Examinations (end of grade XII); the educational Management Finance Plan; the computer technology in schools program; the Designated Community Schools program; the teacher internship program; the Council of Alberta Teaching Standards; the last major review of the secondary program of studies; and, elected trusteeship for Northland School Division.

Mr. King is honoured to have had a bursary named after him by the Alberta College of Licensed Practical Nurses.

Born: June 22nd, 1946 in Perth, Ontario; to Rev. A.E. and Mrs. Ethel King

Education: B.A. (Poli. Sci.), the University of Alberta

Memberships: Highlands United Church Amnesty International

Canadian Civil Liberties Association World Future Society

David and Clare (nee Piven) have been married since October 19th, 1968. They have three sons (Troy, Jason, and Cory), and six grandchildren, all of whom are in school. Clare is a teacher with a specialization in Early Childhood Services. She has taught E.C.S. and primary grades for more than 35 years; all except two years with the Elk Island R.C. Separate School District.

Premier Ed Stelmach is the Dec 2007 Speaker

Premier Ed Stelmach will be our speaker on the 19th of Dec 2007

at the Crowne Plaza 10111 Bellamy Hill Edmonton Alberta. Noon start

Cost is $27. Call Dave at 780-669-200 for more information.

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November 2007 Speaker for the Canadian CLub is Major Ken Usher

The Canadian Club of Edmonton next meets on 21 November 2007

at the Crowne Plaza - Chateau Lacombe

at 10111 Bellamy Hill

Edmotnon Alberta

Cost: $27 for lunch starting at 12 noon - tickets available at the door

Our Speaker is Ken Usher.

Topic: "The Last Post - "Lest We Forget""

Abstract: Our organization is coming up to 100 years old in 2009 and I would like to take your audience through a bit of our history, what we are doing today and where we see ourselves in the very near future.



Kenneth Usher, originally from New Westminster, BC joined the Canadian Forces as a Private in 1970. Ken spent his 30 year career with the military primarily involved with airlift transportation throughout the world. He amassed over 5000 flying hours on the Hercules Aircraft. In 1979, Ken was Commissioned from the rank of Sergeant to Lieutenant and continued to work around the globe in support of United Nations Peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

In 1993, now Major Usher was transferred to a National Defense Liaison post with the United States Army in Washington, DC. Ken served on the Commanding Generals headquarter staff of Military Transportation Management Command as the Canadian Forces Transportation Advisor for three years. Ken was awarded the United States Meritorious Service Medal for recognition of his work with the United States Army.

Ken is the Alberta Branch Manager of the Last Post Fund. He is married to Karen (nee: Laychuk) and has two sons, Myles 11 and Mitchell 8.

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Dr. Wayne Shillington - Speaker October 17 2007

The Canadian Club of Edmonton is happy to announce

Dr. Wayne Shillington President & CEO Norquest College as the October

Speaker Speaking on Immigrants and the Education System.

Note the October 17th Lunch is $25.00 . For more information,

contact Dave at 780-669-2000 or at root@nk.ca .

Dr. Wayne Shillington

President & CEO Norquest College

Dr. Wayne Shillington has had a tremendous impact on

Albertas post-secondary system for more than 30 years.

Starting his career as a teacher in Saskatchewan, Dr. Shillington moved to Alberta in the late

70s where he spent 20 years at Lakeland College in northeastern Alberta, including serving in

the role of academic vice-president.

Throughout his career, Dr. Shillington has maintained a strong commitment to ensuring

everyone has an opportunity for a post-secondary education. He has worked extensively with

outreach program delivery and pioneered the use of distance education technology and alternate

learning models. Dr. Shillingtons own educational successes include a Masters degree in

Curriculum and Instruction, and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Gonzaga University in

Washington State.

In 1998, Dr. Shillington became President of NorQuest College (formerly Alberta Vocational

College). His leadership and vision has led to significant expansion of NorQuest programs

and partnerships with the community, business and other post-secondary institutions. Today,

NorQuest College is a recognized innovator and leader in business, industry and health careers

training, English language and adult literacy, and workplace programs to assist newcomers in

transitioning to the workforce.

Dr. Shillington believes in investing in his community and does so as a volunteer with a variety

of community organizations, including the Riverview Rotary Club, Vibrant Communities

Edmonton, and the United Way. His involvement extends to the Edmonton Chamber of

Commerce, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and the Edmonton Downtown

Business Association. In fact, Dr. Shillingtons community involvement is one of the reasons

NorQuest has emerged as a key contributor to the economic and social development of the

Edmonton region.

Dr. Shillington and his wife Marcy are active supporters of Edmontons arts and cultural

community and throughout the year, they attend a variety of fundraising events in support of

many charitable causes.

20 June 2007 Speaker

The Speaker for June 20th, is Cyndy DiGiusti, Senior Vice. Pres. Public

Affairs, Capital Health Edmonton.

Her topic will be "Update from Capital Health" .

Start Time 20 June 2007 noon

Place Chateau Lacombe 10111 Bellamy Hill

Cost: $25.00

April 2007 Speaker is Mayor Melissa Blake

The Canadian Club of Edmonton meets 18 April 2007 at noon.

Cost $25.00 for lunch

Our Speaker is Mayor Melissa Blake.

Melissa Blake - Mayor

After serving two terms as Regional Councillor for Ward 1 (Fort McMurray),

being elected Mayor on October 18, 2004 was deeply gratifying to Melissa

Blake. Being one of the top elected officials for such a vast municipality

brings with it tremendous challenge, but the responsibility is one she is

ready for.

Mayor Blake's favorite colour is blue and her favorite animal is the


The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is diverse on so many levels; it

is young, dynamic, and filled with opportunity. But for the most part, it is

the people living here that Melissa draws her inspiration from, and that

inspiration is simply to help make this the best place to be.

In addition to her regular council duties, she has served on a number of

committees, including those related to development, protective services,

community services, audit and budget, and the Wood Buffalo Housing and

Development Corporation. In her time on the WBHDC, she has seen the

completion of a number of initiatives for low income, social and supportive

housing, and perhaps more importantly, she remains a solid supporter of the

future endeavors of that organization.

Her commitment to the community began as soon as she arrived with her family

in 1982. In the past, she was an avid volunteer for a variety of local

organizations. Though the nature of her contributions has changed, she still

makes it a priority to support all she can for the betterment of the

communities she serves. She has also been linked to the community through

the numerous sporting activities she has participated in, as well as by her

other personal interests.

Melissa brings a range of experience from her corporate career including

public affairs, materials & services and human resources and she holds a

Bachelor of Administration degree from Athabasca University. She currently

resides in Timberlea with Peter Jurak and their young son Jackson.