The September 2010 Social Web 2.0 Meetup in Edmonton

Find us on the web as The Social Web Meetup

What a great kick off to year 2010/2011 .

1st off - Walter thank you for candidness and being upfront. You started the ball, let's all improve.

2nd - Leila Daoud what great interaction that was last night. 40 minutes of good presentation and questions and answers.

This is what I call a barn burner session!!

3rd - My hats off to those who attended. This promised to be an interesting year.

October 4th ready to get.

In November I wonder if we should invite the 'old' media, the military, the high schools and the Edmonton Eskimos to address our group .

For December, maybe Santa's Anonymous , a Church group and a Christmas theme

This group has me pumped as an organiser!!