FRom : Get you site to be Mobile Friendly

From Link Assisant article on Google Mobile Friendly Sites Here are some good pointers:

1. Learn where you stand in terms of mobile

2. Choose your mobile solution (if you don't have one yet)

3. Adhere to mobile optimization best practices

4. Avoid these mobile design mistakes

5. Use these tools to improve your mobile rank

Please read the full article.

And please use Google Webmaster tool to verify Mobile friendliness

Good sitepronews Article 2015 Jan 19 addressing common seo mistakes

Good Article from Addressing Common SEO Mistakes by Tina Courtney-Brown.


Mistake #1: Trusting the Wrong Source

Mistake #2: Assuming Your CMS Automatically Covers SEO

Mistake #3: Believe the Gossip Train

Mistake #4: Duplicating Your Content

Mistake #5: A Dismal Website

Mistake #6: No Awareness of Your Target Audience

Know your Quirks

So why is that Web Site not looking consistent in your Web Browsers?

Check out Quirks Mode in Wikipedia !

Best if you start your document like

Put all that header stuff in

Write the page up

And check is over with

NetKnow still in Netcraft's Top 12600 at the end of 2007

All data is from Netcraft Toolbar .

Netknow now ranks 12591 at Netcraft.

A slight downfall!

Some of our others domains and services ranks as follows:

NetKnow Secure Server ranks 192684 from 191231 on Netcraft.

NetKnow's secondary server ranks at 62010 from 62482 last week on Netcraft.

NetKnow's Anonynous FTP server is at 633292 from 632987 and non-anonymous rank 251799 from 250324 .

ranks 625088 from 624640 on Netcraft.

ranks at 716951 from 713651 .


is at 720937 from below 10000000. ranks 897629 from below 10000000 .

How do we compare with other providers in

, Alberta, Canada?

We have Juno Internet ranked on top

at 1409 from 1416 who are the owners of

US Based Netzero
at Netcraft Rank 3555 from 3543.

Next we have Telus ranked by Netcraft at 1503 from 1500 and Telus Hosting ranked at from 186959 from 185582.

A customer of theirs rank 402 from 402 .

Sometimes their Web Hosting is done by
title="Internet Names for Business">Internet Names for Business

is ranked by netcraft at 510413 from 507601 . ranks 4710 from 4699 and Shaw Cable is next at Netcraft rank 13182 from 13160 . Briefly unavailable during high peak demand. Their Network Hosting Arm,

Big Pipe is at Netcraft rank 422379 from 419617 . One of the customers ranks 654741 from 651417. Another customer of Shaw Avalon Global rank 701894 from 694318 And Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is at 623191 from 625527.

We at Netknow are down 38 from 12553 and up 3150 from the beginning of the year from 15741. We aim to be above 12300 by the end of January 2008 and beyond Shaw's reach after that.

The University of Alberta ranks 20781 from 20736 .

Next is 3 Web which ranks 33411 from 33191. Their parent company Cybersurf is ranked 326591 from 330155.

Next, Uniserve ranks on Netcraft 70718 from 70288. One of their acquisitions interbaun ranks with Netcraft 247485 from 249286. One customer just came over from this organization in Nov 2006.

The City of Edmonton ranks 88901 from 88622 by Netcraft.

The government of Alberta Website ranks 101958 from 101217 by Netcraft .

Next is Tera-Byte at Netcraft Rank 112424 from 111641 with ranking 6069612 from 7425642 and their wireless arm Tera-Byte Wirelessranks 736397 from 736908 . One of their clients nexopia is ranked 2889 from 2904. Very Interesting! Another of their customers
Also another of their clients
CA Registrar ranks 619377 from 618715 and msmart of Edmonton ranks 727693 from 728109. One of Tera-Byte's acquisitions

Edmonton Community Networks
ranks at 618071 from 617456 and are at 740472 from 741145 on Netcraft .

After that we have Nucleus Information Services which can be found at Netcraft Rank 116587 from 116576.

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology ranks 123149 from 122655.

Next is WSI - We Simply The Internet of Toronto at Netcraft Position 140497 from 139541.

Internet Centre rank 197979 from 196627 and using Worldgate IPs.

Alentus rank by Netcraft 202837 from 202224 and I note they are hosted in the USA .

xplornet ranks 202514 from 202344 and are listed with OSCO Computers Inc of New Brunswick.

Radiant Communications are ranked by Netcraft 289178 from 287816.

MacEwan ranks 294534 from 292427.

airsurfer.carank 455337 from 453902 by Netcraft . I wonder if Big Pipe owns them.

Computer Engineeringranks 482494 from 480983. Thank you Scott. And they seem to be hosted by which ranks at 1074442 from 1072705.

MDCi, the company that bought out ranks 580893 from 577546.

Internet Crossroads Ltd of North Edmonton rank 592676 from 589457 by Netcraft .

TIC Internet ranks 596304 from 593015 ( I do remember you).

Wild Rose Internet ranks 607643 from 604293 and I wonder if this is another wireless branch of Shaw.

Wiband Wireless

rank on Netcraft at 621569 from 618244 and their customer Found Locally ranks at 101678 from 101852 and Memory Express ranks 21748 from 21720. Interesting!

Open Concept Internet, Inc. rank 635342 from 632129.

Nisa Custom Internet Solutions ranks 633933 from 630747 by Netcraft .

Interspots of Edmonton rank 656544 from 653239 a customer of theirs ranks 743552 from 740253 .

Carbon 14 Graphic Art and Web Design ranks 765598 from 766524 on Netcraft. BTW Illusions Photographics wants a word with you!

Media Shakers of Edmonton ranks 774749 from 771553.

Core Network Solutions Inc. ranks at 845581 from 842553 .

Elite Web Hosting Inc. now ranks 884222 from 881308 .

Leduc Data ranks 921193 from 925208 and somehow using Shaw Communications.

Koi Media rank 1225470 from 1238255.

The Network Centre ranks 1356549 from 1374947. ranks 1371285 from 1425093

If I remember anymore, I will add to this entry, before Netcraft changes our ranking. Please watch this space and please feel free to peruse our services.

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Google Updates Landing Page Quality Score for Adwords



As we noted in a previous post, Google started measuring the relevance or "quality" of Adwords landing pages as one of the variables in determining the minimum bid for search keywords. Google recently announced that a few changes were made to the way the Quality Score for landing pages is determined. In this article I'll review what the Quality Score is and what you can do to increase the Quality Score for your web site.



Creating a More Search Engine Friendly Flash Web Site



Most SEOs and many web designers know that Flash based web sites are a challenge not only to get indexed but to even get the site or pages to rank well in the search engines. This article will explore a few of the challenges and provide a few tips that may come in handy if you are asked to work on a site or pages that include Flash based content.



The Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization



The fundamental concepts behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are understood by most search engine marketers, but those new to the subject should find this article to be very useful. Informative articles on various aspects of SEO have been published here on over the years, and in this post I will summarize these concepts and provide links to relevant articles.



The Four E's of a Successful Pay-per-Click Advertising Program



The good news: you can setup and manage a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program on Google, Yahoo! or MSN within minutes. The bad news: you can setup and manage a PPC advertising program within minutes. That means anyone can set up a PPC program, which has led to higher overall cost, lower click-through rates and conversions. There is hope, however.



Google Now Supports the NOODP Tag



Google has responded by adding support for these new Meta elements as well. This is good news for webmasters caught in the dilemma of having poor or outdated descriptions, pulled from the Open Directory listings. These older listings can have a negative effect on your organic traffic because a search engines user's impression of your site's description often determines whether they will select your link or a competitor's. Ultimately these changes will impact the effect that site improvements have on bottom line sales and revenue.



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Alexa Web Search

Whilst looking for Netcraft and Google ranking tips and techniques, I came across Alexa. I came across Alexa and Firefox .

One may wonder why Firefox has not incorporated Alexa's toolbar. Is it that spybot - Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware SE personal and maybe even Spy Sweeper traditionally lists Alexa Toolbar as Spyware?? Not good.

Still getting back to Alexa and Firefox this page has 3 good firefox plugins that can help determine how well you rank on the web.

Conclusion: go to Alexa and Firefox with Firefox, download and install the 3 tools and enjoy. Once done, just right-click your web page and explore.