NetKnow still in the Netcraft's Top 800

All data is from Netcraft Toolbar . Looks as if there are major changes to the Netcraft algorithm!


Netknow now 752 from ranks 776 at Netcraft .

We are now redirecting all traffic to Secured general server which now 752 from ranks 776 and pfs compliant .

A slight increase! We must do
  1. security audits regularly
  2. check on illegitimate traffic hitting the web server
  3. a
  4. keep design current!

Some of our others domains and services ranks as follows:

NetKnow Secure Server

ranks 1216768 from 1215415 Netcraft and pfs compliant .

NetKnow's secondary server

ranks at >2000000 from >2000000 last week on Netcraft and Secured secondary server using the wildcard certificate is at 440 from 454 .

NetKnow's Anonynous FTP server

and non-anonymous must be set to client ports higher than 42000.

ranks >2000000 from >2000000 on Netcraft.

ranks at >2000000 from >2000000.

is at >2000000 from >2000000 .

ranks > 2000000 from >2000000

How do we compare with other providers in

, Alberta, Canada?

Netknow again

We at Netknow are 752 from 1827 since the middle of May 2021.

Telus and reviews

Next we have

ranked by Netcraft at 8683 from 8966 .

Sometimes their Web Hosting is done by
title="Internet Names for Business">Internet Names for Business

is ranked by Netcraft at >2000000 from >2000000 .

Is Telus's ADSL network susceptible to Code Red Attacks and Attackers?

Reviews of Telus are available :

Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta Website

ranks 10525 from 10458 by Netcraft and seems to hosted on Cloudfare.


Rogers Business Solutions

which rank 10276 from 10558 and are hosted in Europe.

Shaw Cable


ranks 556648 from 589655 and retired and

Shaw Cable

is next at Netcraft rank 26434 from 26118 . Hosted now by Akamei .

Their Network Hosting Arm,

Big Pipe is at

Netcraft rank 189939 from 192830 and hosted by Akamai in Europe .

Reviews of Shaw are available :

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta
ranks 34612 from 35692 hosted by Amazon Techonologies.

Juno and NetZero

We have Juno Internet ranked on top

at 47030 from 46355 who are the owners of

US Based Netzero
at Netcraft Rank 83137 from 79706 .

City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton
ranks 70989 from 73716 by Netcraft and hosted by Google.


TekSavvy ranks 111047 from 112846 and are hosted by Microsoft

NAIT / Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

NAIT ranks 210818 from 224919 hosted by Microsoft .



ranks 237916 from 247078 and are listed with

Stentor and are joining up with Shaw.

According to an article in the Sherwood Park Independent, they are also getting an Alberta Government subsidy.

Distributel / 3Web / CIA


is ranked 286528 from 286825 and seems to be hosted in USA by Microsoft.

Internet Centre / CCINet

Internet Centre

rank 345341 from 345712. Their partner Rack Nine ranks > 2000000.

Grant MacEwen University


ranks 543556 from 543556 .

Radiant Communications /

Radiant Communications

are ranked by Netcraft >2000000 from >2000000 and part of

which ranks 544124 from 544588 .



ranks 589286 from 589572 and now points to BLACKIRON_DataCentres ranked >2000000 from >2000000.

Nucleus Internet Services

After that we have

Nucleus Information Services
which can be found at Netcraft Rank 906126 from 905756


MCSNET ranks 1467835 from 1220900 and are hosted by Microsoft .


4web ranks >2000000 from >2000000 .

Alentus / Wolfpaw


rank by Netcraft >2000000 from >2000000 and I note they are hosted in the USA .

which ranks at >2000000 from >2000000

Wiband Wireless

Wiband Wireless

rank on Netcraft at >2000000 from >2000000 and

their customer Found Locally

ranks at > 2000000 from > 2000000


Yellowpencil Ranks >2000000 from >2000000

WSI Corporation

Next is WSI - We Simply The Internet of Toronto

at Netcraft Position >2000000 from >2000000 and are being hosted on Amazon.

Tera Byte Edmonton and reviews

Next is Tera-Byte

at Netcraft Rank >2000000 from >2000000 with

ranking >2000000 from >2000000 and their wireless arm Tera-Byte Wireless

sold to Xplornet.

One of Tera-Byte's acquisitions

Edmonton Community Networks

ranks at >2000000 from >2000000 and

Go Edmonton ranks >2000000 from >2000000.

Alberta political blogger Daveberta ranks >2000000 from >2000000; interesting!!!

Reviews of Tera-byte is available at


and another here

and check Google for more reviews; just search tera byte.

Uniserve / Interbaun

Next, Uniserve

ranks on Netcraft >2000000 from >2000000

One of their acquisitions


ranks with Netcraft ?????? from ?????? due to merging of sites.

One customer just came over from this organization in Nov 2006.

Clearwave Broadband

Clearwave Broadband ranks

at >2000000 from >2000000

Emergence by Design

Emergence by Design

now ranks >2000000 from >2000000.

Platinum Communications

Platinum Communications Corp.

bought out by Xplornet .

Wild Rose Internet

Wild Rose Internet

ranks >2000000 from >2000000 and I wonder if this is another wireless branch of Tera-Byte and bought out by Xplornet

TIC Internet

TIC Internet

ranks >2000000 from >2000000 ( I do remember you).

Nisa Custom Internet Solutions

Nisa Custom Internet Solutions

ranks >2000000 from >2000000 by Netcraft


Media Shakers of Edmonton

ranks >2000000 from >2000000

Koi Media

Koi Media

rank >2000000 from >2000000


ranks >2000000 from >2000000 and seems to be connected with Shaw.

Core Network Solutions Inc.

Core Network Solutions Inc.

ranks at >2000000 from >2000000 .

The Network Centre

The Network Centre

ranks >2000000 from >2000000 and are linked with Telus high Speed.

Open Concept Internet, Inc.

Open Concept Internet, Inc.

rank > 2000000 from > 2000000


Interspots of Edmonton

rank > 2000000 from > 2000000 hosted by Stentor and acquired by Techalta ;


Yegtel rank > 2000000 .

Internet Crossroads

Internet Crossroads Ltd of North Edmonton

rank nothing from nothing by Netcraft and seems to merged with Tera-Byte/ .

If I remember anymore, I will add to this entry, before Netcraft changes our ranking. Please watch this space and please feel free to peruse

our services.

Alberta Mental Health Crisis

Alberta Health Services is closing down a 20 bed unit at Alberta Hospital Edmonton ; this will impact 20 vulnerable patients with mental health issues. These patient call this unit their home. Please pray to God for Alberta Health not to clue this unit. These patient need their 24 hour care. Pass this message on to your community and to your church. Your prayers might make a difference.

The September 2010 Social Web 2.0 Meetup in Edmonton

Find us on the web as The Social Web Meetup

What a great kick off to year 2010/2011 .

1st off - Walter thank you for candidness and being upfront. You started the ball, let's all improve.

2nd - Leila Daoud what great interaction that was last night. 40 minutes of good presentation and questions and answers.

This is what I call a barn burner session!!

3rd - My hats off to those who attended. This promised to be an interesting year.

October 4th ready to get.

In November I wonder if we should invite the 'old' media, the military, the high schools and the Edmonton Eskimos to address our group .

For December, maybe Santa's Anonymous , a Church group and a Christmas theme

This group has me pumped as an organiser!!

October 14 2009 Meeting

Meeting moved up one week due to scheduling.

Dave Yadallee will chair the next Canadian Club of Edmonton Meeting with features Dr. Alex Meisen, Alberta Research Council's Chair of Foresight.

2009 : What do you expect?

Come to Chamber Toastmasters at 600 9990 Jasper Ave Edmonton ALberta Canada

and talk about 2009 what do expect on 15 Jan 2009. Meeting starts at 6 p.m.

Visitors welcome.

October 2008 Speaker

Our Mission: /To Share and Encourage a Passion for Canada/


Prof. Tom Keating - U. of A.

"Canada at War in Afghanistan"


12:00 noon, Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe

Cost $30.00

Tom Keating is a Professor and former Chair of the Department of Political

Science at the University of Alberta, where he teaches in the areas of

Canadian foreign policy and international relations. He is a graduate of

Dalhousie University and has taught at St. Francis Xavier University and

Carleton University as well as part of the War Studies Program at the Royal

Military College, and more locally for the Edmonton Lifelong Learners'

Association. He also teaches in Mexico as part of a graduate program in

Canada-US Studies. He is the author of /Canada and World Order/ published by

Oxford University Press and is the co-editor with Andy Knight of /Building/

/Sustainable Peace/ published by the University of Alberta Press. He is

married with two children and has lived in Edmonton since the mid-1980s. He

enjoys hiking, skiing, reading and all types of music and theatre.

Friday, September 19, 2008 - 7:00am to 8:30am

Our popular downtown networking event is now bigger and better than

ever! Connections 4 Business meets every second Friday morning at the

World Trade Centre Edmonton. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your

business to a qualified target audience, build beneficial business

relationships, and acquire the potential opportunities and information

your business demands!

We hope to see you this Friday morning at Connections 4 Business:

Edmonton's Business Networking Event!

On: Friday, September 19, 2008 - 7:00am to 8:30am

At: World Trade Centre Edmonton, 600- 9990 Jasper Avenue

Speaker: Liam O'Leary of InterActive Applicant

Topic: "Does a resume REALLY do all the talking?"

Overview: Redefining recruitment in the today's marketplace by utilizing

webcam technology. Bringing employers and recruiters together with

applicants quickly, conveniently and cost effectively.


sept%20both.pdf> to register today!

Each meeting features:

- 20-30 minutes of casual, friendly networking

- business introductions

- keynote speaker

- coffee & muffins

Parking is available on-street (free until 9:00 am), surface lots close

to the World Trade Centre Edmonton

or in the nearby Library Parking Lot (accessible from 100 Street, a

block north of Jasper Avenue).

Price: $5 Members / $10 Non-Members

For more information please contact Elizabeth at 409-2627 or

September 2008 Speaker

Chief Mike Boyd

Chief Mike Boyd joined the Edmonton Police Service on January 1, 2006 with

35 years of policing behind him.

Although his police career involved working in uniform and plainclothes

areas, the majority of his time was spent in investigative branches and the

fields of police professionalism, ethics and race relations. Chief Boyd's

commitment to intelligence-led policing, combating organized crime, and

improving problem-solving techniques has remained strong over the years.

He has been recognized with numerous national and international

awards including his investiture as Commander of the Order of Merit of the

Police Forces by Her Excellency the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson,

Governor General of Canada in 2004.

It's been over two years since Chief Boyd joined the Edmonton Police

Service, and his strong leadership has become evident to those within the

Service as well as those from across the community. He is an innovator. He

is a problem solver. He is a community champion.

Chief Boyd is as focused on developing better methods and technologies to

solve crime and reduce victimization as he is to building relationships

through community policing. He is the epitome of an experienced,

professional, ethical, passionate and confident leader who is attuned to

the needs of his community.

The Office of the Chief

The Chief of Police is responsible for the efficient and effective

operation of all components of the Edmonton Police Service, and consistent

with the provisions of Section 41 of the Police Act, is responsible for the


. The preservation and maintenance of the public peace and the

prevention of crime within the municipality,

. The maintenance of discipline and the performance of duty within the

police service, subject to the regulations governing the discipline

and the performance of duty of police officers,

. The day-to-day administration of the police service,

. The application of professional police procedures, and

. The enforcement of policies made by the Edmonton Police Commission

with respect to the police.

Canadian Club of Edmonton 2008/09 speakers

To Date:

2008-2009 SPEAKERS




_Wednesday,_ September 17th, 2008

Chief Mike Boyd

Edmonton Police Service

_Thursday,_ October 16th, 2008

Prof. Tom Keating-U of A

"Canada at War in Afghanistan"

_Wednesday,_ November 19th, 2008

Myrna Kostash-Alberta Author

"Reading the River -

A Travellers Guide to the North

Saskatchewan River"

_Wednesday,_ December 17th, 2008

Neil Millard

Retired United Church Minister

" Dief is Chief.....Again!"

May 2008 Meeting: Religion the problem? The solution?

The Canadian Club of Edmonton next meeting is 21 May 2008, noon.

With Rabbi Kunin talking on Religion the Problem of the Solution?

Cost: $27.00 . tickets available at the door!

Student Debate on 16 April 2008

A student debate on Afghanistan will take place with 2 students from Ross

Shepherd and 2 students from Old Scona Academic

Where: Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe Edmonton 10111 Bellamy Hill

When: Wednesday 16 April 2008 noon MDT

Cost: $27.00

March 2008 Speaker is Debbie Marshall The Writer

Debbie Marshall will be talking about Roberta MacAdams, an Edmontonian serving overseas during World War I .

Where: Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe Edmonton 10111 Bellamy Hill

When: Wednesday 19 March 2008 noon MDT

Cost: $27.00


Debbie Marshall has worked as a freelance writer and editor for over twenty years, contributing to local and national magazines and on-line publications, including Legacy, Alberta Views, The Beaver, NeWest Review, Canadian Heritage, The Canadian Encyclopedia, The United Church Observer, and others. For eight years, she was editor of the national Exchange Magazine for Adult Learners. In 2001, she co-authored Candles to Kilowatts: 100 Years of Edmontons Power Company (Duval House). Since then, Marshall has contributed to anthologies such as Dropped Threads II (Toronto: Random House, 2003) and Push It! (Cleveland: UCP, 2002). She has also edited collections, including Spiritual Quest: Stories from Life (Toronto: UCPH, 2003) and the Edmonton best seller Big Enough Dreams (Edmonton: Learning Community Press, 2006)an anthology describing the compelling lives of developmentally disabled Albertans.

Most recently, Marshalls passionate love for history was revealed in another Edmonton bestseller, Give Your Other Vote to the Sister: A Womans Journey into the Great War, (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2007). Give Your Other Vote is a biography of one of the first two women elected to a legislature anywhere in the British Empire. That woman was Roberta MacAdams, an Edmontonian serving overseas during World War I. Marshalls biography not only describes this compelling politician, but also the authors own journey across Canada and Europe as she attempted to reclaim the life of this forgotten woman.

Debbie Marshall continues to be interested in the First World War, and is currently writing the true story of three Canadian war correspondents and their experiences covering the conflict that changed the world.

Opportunities Unlimited - 7 March 2008

We hope to see you this Friday morning at Edmontons Best Networking Club: Opportunities Unlimited

On: Friday, March 7th, 2008 7:15am to 8:30am

At: World Trade Centre Edmonton, 600- 9990 Jasper Avenue

Speaker: Greg Campbell from Spieker Point Inc.

Topic: The Changing Face of Enterprise Software

Overview: Greg will be sharing tips and hints on what you the customer should demand from software vendors to better your business.

Each meeting features:

- 20-30 minutes of casual, friendly networking

- business introductions

- keynote speaker

- coffee & muffins

Parking is available on-street (free until 9:00 am), surface lots close to the World Trade Centre Edmonton or in the nearby Library Parking Lot (accessible from 100 Street, a block north of Jasper Avenue).

Price: $2 Members / $5 Non-Members

For more information please contact Heather at 409-7795 or

Heather Rumbolt

Account Manager - Member Services

(780) 409-7795

20 February 2008 Speaker

20 February 2008 Speaker is Audrey Mae Poitras President of the Metis Nation of Alberta

Cost $27 for lunch

Where: Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe 10111 Bellemay Hill

When : 20 February 2008 starting at noon sharp


Audrey Mae Poitras has served as President of the Metis Nation of Alberta since 1996, the first female in that position. She also serves as Vice-President on the Canadian Metis National Council. Bom Audrey Dumont, she shares common ancestry with Gabriel Dumont. her home town is Elk Point. Alberta, and she lives in Edmonton. Alberta. Audrey Poitras is one of the highest profile Metis women in Canada. From her early days in the small community of Elk Point in northeastern Alberta until today, she has been a champion of the rights of Metis in this country. From Metis identity to Metis rights and recognition, Audrey remains a key figure among Canada's political leaders. In the summer of 2005 she was recognized as one of the 50 most influential people in Alberta Audrey was a successful business owner prior to her first election in 1996. Audrey's career in provincial Metis politics began in 1996 when she was elected to lead the Metis Nation of Alberta, as its first female President. Her leadership direction was reinforced in 1999, 2002, and again in 2005 when she was elected to her fourth consecutive term as President of the Metis Nation of Alberta. In April 2004, Audrey represented the Metis Nation at the historic Canada Aboriginal Peoples Roundtable attended by more than 20 federal cabinet ministers and 70 Aboriginal leaders from across the country. Sitting alongside the Prime Minister and other national Aboriginal leaders, Audrey affirmed the Metis Nation's commitment towards a Canada-Metis Nation Framework Agreement. President Poitras witnessed the signing of the Framework Agreement on May 31, 2005 during the federal Policy Retreat on Aboriginal issues in Ottawa. President Poitras launched the Metis Nation's official magazine, Otipemisiwak-Voice of the Metis Nation in Alberta in March 2004.

Upcoming Meetings

20 February 2008

Audrey Poitras President of the Metis NAtion of Alberta

19 MArch 2008

Debbie Marshall on Lt. Roberta MacAdams

16 April 2008

High School Debate

21 MAy 2008

Rabbi Kunin REligion, the Problem or the Solution

18 June 2008

Dr. A. Koshal The Mazankowski Heart Institute