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Subject: From Steven Schuurman


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Content preview: My name is Steven Schuurman and below is a Forbes profile

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Subject: {SPAM?} From Steven Schuurman

My name is Steven Schuurman and below is a Forbes profile of who I am.







There is a limit to how much wealth one person can or should ever consume i=

n his or her lifetime. If you have more than you need, giving back seems li=

ke the logical course of action. Without going into any moral or psychologi=

cal underpinnings, I have decided to give the majority of what I have back =

to society.

Giving back comes with a large responsibility to my mind, which is why I lo=

ok to the scientific community for guidance on how to give back. I believe =

that choosing cause areas should not be guided by what makes me feel good o=

r what pulls on my heartstrings, it should be about maximizing the positive=

impact of my efforts.

The beauty of this science-based approach is that it=E2=80=99s objective an=

d pure. It=E2=80=99s not about my preferences. I will be focusing my time a=

nd resources on developing and deploying solutions to some of the greatest =

challenges that humanity is facing.

Global collaboration is a key factor of success in this work. Complex globa=

l issues can=E2=80=99t be solved locally in isolation. It is critical that =

scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, heads of state, activists and large=

donors align their plans as much as possible. It is vital for all of us to=

focus on our common interests as we work towards global solutions, rather =

than allow our differences to distract us from what truly matters.

Ultimately, the objective is to do what we can to leave this planet in the =

best possible state for future generations. To get this right, we need to i=

nclude the people we are doing this for: the young and the most vulnerable.=

I believe to make an impact in the world, my idea of giving will have to e=


The normal and lazy philanthropy doesn't make any sense to me anymore. Just=

giving money to organization's does not seem authentic to who I am. I have=

decided to approach my philanthropy just like the way I approached my entr=

epreneurial spirit, Unconventional and Aggressive.

The world is evolving, and the challenges humanity faces are dire, my scien=

ce-based approach to this problem is what this letter is all about. I had a=

n epiphany, and it involves me making a lot of people financially free so t=

hey can help others in their lives and by so doing create this chain reacti=

on of solving this huge problem of income inequality. That is my focus!

This project involves me using the same science based approached I mentione=

d earlier to donate $1.8 Million to 20 people from all over the world, I wa=

nt to see the impact this method of giving will have in societies. You are =

receiving this letter because you are one of the people chosen to receive t=

his grant.

If you believe in my mission, kindly send to me your full names, address an=

d I will provide you with further information's.

After a life of entrepreneurship, I believe I have found a new mission in l=


Steven Schuurman