NetKNow now in NetCraft's Top 2850

All data is from Netcraft Toolbar . Looks as if there are major changes to the Netcraft algorithm!


Netknow now ranks 2813 at Netcraft and in Netcraft's top 200 Canadian sites.

A slight increase! We must do security audits regularly!

Some of our others domains and services ranks as follows:

NetKnow Secure Server

ranks 73787 from 68531 on Netcraft and pfs compliant .

NetKnow's secondary server

ranks at 48848 from 84551 last week on Netcraft.

NetKnow's Anonynous FTP server

is at 420041 from 406402 and non-anonymous rank 420164 from 406541.

ranks 372137 from 390342 on Netcraft.

ranks 386902 from 390321 .

is at 386892 from 390317 .

ranks at 439370 from 423919 .

How do we compare with other providers in

, Alberta, Canada?

Netknow again

We at Netknow are up 321 and up 1466 the end of the year 2013 from 3134 . We aim to be above 2000 by the end of January 2014.

Telus and reviews

Next we have

ranked by Netcraft at 31095 from 35117 with Mytelus

ranking 11674 from 11347.

Sometimes their Web Hosting is done by
title="Internet Names for Business">Internet Names for Business

is ranked by Netcraft at 381488 from 369853.

Is Telus's ADSL network suspectible to Code Red Attacks and Attackers?

Reviews of Telus are available :

Juno and NetZero

We have Juno Internet ranked on top

at 38251 from 39365 who are the owners of

US Based Netzero
at Netcraft Rank 26835 from 24871 .

Shaw Cable


ranks 60809 from 58897 and

Shaw Cable

is next at Netcraft rank 31026 from 29159. Briefly unavailable during high peak demand.

Their Network Hosting Arm,

Big Pipe is at

Netcraft rank 351402 from 341766 .

One of customer of Shaw Avalon Global

rank 438776 from 423364 .

Reviews of Shaw are available :

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta
ranks 90808 from 89926 .

City of Edmonton

The City of Edmonton
ranks 138079 from 123395 by Netcraft and are now with Alentus of Edmonton.



ranks 140833 from 226060 and now points to BLACKIRON_DataCentres

ranked 273759 from 280992. Or

Colo Is here
ranks 140833 from 125556.

A customer the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta

ranks 288641 from 289616 .

Distributel / 3Web / CIA

Next is 3 Web

ranks 439666 from 424204 And a questionable secure certificate. Their parent company


is ranked 194714 from 126943.

Tera Byte Edmonton and reviews

Next is Tera-Byte

at Netcraft Rank 234280 from 230803 with

ranking 458142 from 441305 and their wireless arm Tera-Byte Wireless

ranks 420277 from 406635 and is now part of Tera-Byte Wireless.

One of Tera-Byte's acquisitions

Edmonton Community Networks

ranks at 418297 from 404898 and

Go Edmonton ranks 452795 from 436077.

Reviews of Tera-byte is available at


and another here



ranks 241438 from 228854 and are listed with

Stentor and are joining up with Shaw.

According to an article in the Sherwood Park Independent they are also getting an Alberta Government subsidy.

NAIT / Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

ranks 253405 from 254170.

Uniserve / Interbaun

Next, Uniserve

ranks on Netcraft 253948 from 244392.

One of their acquisitions


ranks with Netcraft 253948 from 244392 due to merging of sites.

One customer just came over from this organization in Nov 2006.

Grant MacEwen University


ranks 270705 from 254203.

Internet Centre / CCINet

Internet Centre

rank 274157 from 268716 and using Worldgate IPs



rank by Netcraft 290683 from 265395 and I note they are hosted in the USA .

Wiband Wireless

Wiband Wireless

rank on Netcraft at 298570 from 291948 and

their customer Found Locally

ranks at 433359 from 401207

Pivot Data Centres

Pivot Data Centres ranks 329402 from 353613

And are associated with Rogers Business Solutinos .

Nucleus Internet Services

After that we have

Nucleus Information Services
which can be found at Netcraft Rank 334439 from 325733

WSI Corporation

Next is WSI - We Simply The Internet of Toronto

at Netcraft Position 356262 from 324593

Radiant Communications

Radiant Communications

are ranked by Netcraft 356845 from 347042

Wild Rose Internet

Wild Rose Internet

ranks 400941 from 388560 and I wonder if this is another wireless branch of Tera-Byte


Computer Engineering

ranks 439584 from 424108 . Thank you Scott.

And they seem to be hosted by

which ranks at 418705 from 405230.

Koi Media

Koi Media

rank 418991 from 405466

Platinum Communications

Platinum Communications Corp.

ranks 419805 from 406211.

Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta Website

ranks 419889 from 390054 by Netcraft

Clearwave Broadband

Clearwave Broadband ranks at 426544 from 411931.

Nisa Custom Internet Solutions

Nisa Custom Internet Solutions

ranks 432845 from 417943 by Netcraft

Carbon 14

Carbon 14 Graphic Art and Web Design

ranks 433522 from 437222 on Netcraft .

BTW Illusions Photographics wants a word with you


MDCi, the company that bought out

ranks 436418 from 421215.


ranks 438055 from 423632 and seems to be connected with Shaw.

Core Network Solutions Inc.

Core Network Solutions Inc.

ranks at 439311 from 423857.



Media Shakers of Edmonton

ranks 456887 from 440078.

Emergence by Design

Emergence by Design

now ranks 457920 from 441094.

Open Concept Internet, Inc.

Open Concept Internet, Inc.

rank 459128 from 442251.

TIC Internet

TIC Internet

ranks 459567 from 442660 ( I do remember you).


Interspots of Edmonton

rank 459803 from 442890 ;

The Network Centre

The Network Centre

ranks 460068 from 443185 and are linked with Bell canada.

Internet Crossroads

Internet Crossroads Ltd of North Edmonton

rank nothing from nothing by Netcraft and seems to merged with Tera-Byte/ .

If I remember anymore, I will add to this entry, before Netcraft changes

our ranking. Please watch this space and please feel free to peruse

our services.