NetKnow now in Netcraft's Top 22650

Netknow now ranks 22646 at Netcraft. We are on the increase.

Some of our others domains and services ranks as follows:

NetKnow Secure Server ranks 256059 from 259798 on Netcraft.

NetKnow's secondary server ranks at 319977 from 319542 last week on Netcraft.

NetKnow's Anonynous FTP server is at 927418 from 927418 and non-anonymous rank 263114 from 260423. ranks 812234 from 812234 on Netcraft. ranks at 1153542 from 1185512.

is at 1155089 from 1187209.

How do we compare with other providers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?

Telus on top ranked by Netcraft at 1352 from 1351 . A customer of theirs rank 395 from 392. Sometimes their Web Hosting is done by Internet Names for Business is ranked by netcraft at 549927 from 547122 .

Next we have US Based Netzero at Netcraft Rank 2617 from 2617 .

Shaw Cable is next at Netcraft rank 12532 from 12519 . Their Web Hosting Arm, Big Pipe is at Netcraft rank 419052 from 420456. One of the customers ranks 768104 from 768104 .

We at Netknow are up 1364 from 24010.

Next is 3 Web which ranks 23511 from 23303 . Their parent company Cybersurf is ranked 197275 from 197415 .

The University of Alberta ranks 30255 from 30003.

Next, Uniserve ranks on Netcraft 51600 from 51213 . One of their acquisitions interbaun ranks with Netcraft 326668 from 325067 .

The government of Alberta Website ranks 76314 from 75574 by Netcraft.

The City of Edmonton ranks 82484 from 82273 by Netcraft.

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology ranks 103514 from 103278 .

After that we have Nucleus Internet Services which can be found at Netcraft Rank 116121 from 116714 . One of their customers The Alberta Liberal Party ranks 787092 from 825491 .

Next is WSI - We Simply The Internet of Toronto at Netcraft Position 127580 from 129081 .

Next is Tera-Byte at Netcraft Rank 167921 from 166656 and their wireless arm Tera-Byte Wireless ranks 1203066 from 1212851 . One of their clients nexopia is ranked 3167 by Netcraft from 3136 . Very Interesting!

Also another of their clients CA Registrar ranks 696391 from 694553 and msmart of Edmonton ranks 1665942 from 1895900 . One of Tera-Byte's acquitions Edmonton Community Networks ranks at 753545 from 752432 and are at 1134910 from 1142136 on Netcraft .

Alentus rank by Netcraft 215158 from 215197 and I note they are hosted on UUNet's USA server .

Radiant Communications are ranked by Netcraft 251680 from 250713 .

Internet Centre rank 261315 from 265225 and on Telus Communications Server.

xplornet ranks 263199 from 264707 and are listed with OSCO Computers Inc .

MacEwan ranks 313396 from 310389.

Computer Engineering ranks 570573 from 567851 . Thank you Scott

MDCi, the company that bought out ranks 692683 by Netcraft from 704682 and is registered with Bell Canada .

TIC Internet ranks 739845 from 746486 (I do remember you).

Internet Crossroads Ltd of North Edmonton rank 769391 by Netcraft from 768547 .

Open Concept Internet, Inc. rank 819056 by Netcraft from 829201 .

Wiband Wireless rank on Netcraft at 850759 from 851210 and their customer Found Locally ranks at 100875 from 100223 . Interesting!

Interspots of Edmonton rank 863281 from 863951; a customer of theirs ranks 1108815 from 1115351 ; another customer of Interspots Avalon Global rank 1027506 from 1031834 and in turn a customer of theirs Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is at 880811 from 881820.

Wild Rose Internet ranks 870317 from 882928 and I wonder if this is another wireless branch of Shaw.

Nisa Custom Internet Solutions ranks 878784 from 891760 by Netcraft rank 920700 by Netcraft from 936163 . I wonder if Big Pipe owns them.

Media Shakers of Edmonton ranks 1210379 from 1220713 .

Carbon 14 Graphic Art and Web Design
ranks 1286602 from 1299635 on Netcraft. BTW Illusions Photographics wants a word with you!

Elite Web Hosting Inc. now ranks 2412087 from 2676611 .

Core Network Solutions Inc. ranks at 2739692 from 3119034 .

Leduc Data ranks 3368909 from 4041241 and somehow using Shaw Communications.

If I remember anymore, I will add to this entry, before Netcraft changes our ranking. Please watch this space and please feel free to peruse our services.

Jan 2007 is when the Canadian Club of Edmonton Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

17 Jan 2007 Centenary Dinner confirmed Speaker - The Speaker is a well known Albertan lawyer, politician and Former Football player Peter Lougheed

Hear Ye !

Hear ye !

Hear ye !

Be it known to all Members of The Canadian Club of Edmonton that on the 17th day of January in the year two thousand and seven, all members, their spouses and friends, are summoned to attend a great celebration of 100 years of service by The Canadian Club of Edmonton - an occasion of historical import, mutual pleasure and edification, to be held at the Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe Hotel, Edmonton, in the distinguished presence of the representative of Her Majesty the Queen, prominent officials and community leaders. An occasion not to be missed !

Be it also known that the eminent speaker for this event will be The Hon. Peter Lougheed, Premier Emeritus of the Province of Alberta. Musical entertainment will feature the award winning Cantilon Childrens Choir. A superb evening meal will be served to attend to the inner comforts.

Tickets are $55.00 each and are limited. Members are encouraged to purchase their tickets well in advance by sending the form below together with a cheque for the cost to:-

Derrick Alderton

13611 - 37th Street


T5A 2P6 Tel. 476-8544 (Tickets will also be available at our fall luncheons)

Canadian Club of Edmonton - Centenary Celebration

Please send me at $55.00 each

My cheque for $ enclosed


Address...............................................................................Postal Code.................

Telephone No. ........................................

13 December 2006 Meeting ofthe Canadian Club of Edmonton

Close to 100 years ago, the Canadian Club of Edmonon was founded with the help of then Mayor John McDougall.

December Luncheon is $25 a person and our Speaker is


John McDougall has served as President and CEO of the Alberta Research Council since the fall of 1997. He is also Chairman of CFER Technologies; President, Founding Chair of Innoventures Canada Inc. (I-CAN), and General Manager of McDougall & Secord, Limited; and a Director of PFB Corporation.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Mr. McDougall received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1967. He also completed a number of postgraduate courses in environmental engineering.

An active participant in professional and community affairs, Mr. McDougall is a Director of St. John Ambulance, special representative to the Alberta Chamber of Resources and serves on several advisory boards and committees including NSERC, AUTO21 and the Environmental Protection Advisory Committee. He is also the Past-President of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers, APEGGA and the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

John is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers, Honorary Colonel of the 8 Field Engineer Regiment, honorary life member of APEGGA and honorary member of the Mexican College of Civil Engineers. He has served as an advisor to federal and provincial governments on economic development, construction, trade, technology and human resources.

He is listed in Who's Who in Canada, Who's Who in Canadian Engineering and Who's Who in America and was named one of the 50 most influential Albertans in 1998.

He is married to Irene and has three grown sons - John, Jordan and Michael and one stepson - Kyle.

November 2006 Meeting of the Canadian Club

The November Meeting of the Canadian Club of Edmonton focuses on Remembrance Day.

This year our speaker is MAJOR-GENERAL I.J. FENTON, OMM, CD

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS NATO IMS and our luncheon is 7 November 2006 starting at noon for $25 .

Major-General Ivan Fenton enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1970 while

attending York University, Toronto. On graduation in 1972 with a Bachelor of

Arts in English he was commissioned as an infantry officer into The Royal

Canadian Regiment. Key military courses included the Canadian Forces Command

and Staff Course, the UK Joint Warfare Course, and the US Joint Combined

Warfare Course. In 1993 Major-General Fenton received his Master of War

Studies Degree from the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston. From

January to June 1999, he attended the National Security Studies Course at

the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.

Regimental duty has included service in Canada, with NATO in Germany, and

with the United Nations in Cyprus. Regimental appointments, all with the

Third Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment, comprised rifle and

reconnaissance platoon commander, intelligence officer, adjutant, company

commander, and battalion commander.

Staff appointments have included instructional duty at the Canadian Forces

School of Communications and Electronics, operational training staff at army

headquarters, Brigade G3 in 1 Brigade, and Division G3 of the 1st Canadian

Division. Posted to National Defence Headquarters in 1995, Major-General

Fenton served in J3 Plans and J3 Doctrine and Training, and as Deputy Chief

of Staff J3 (Operations) in which he supervised the National Defence

Operations Centre and coordinated Canadian Forces taskings and support to

the RCMP. He was appointed as an officer of the Order of Military Merit for

his work there in support of domestic and international operations.

Taking over Canadian Forces Base Petawawa in July 1999, Major-General Fenton

deployed as the Commander of Task Force Kosovo, from December 1999 to June

2000. During this tour, he commanded 1,400 army and air force troops, not

only from Petawawa, but also from Canadian Forces Base Valcartier and other

Canadian Forces bases.

Major-General Fenton was promoted to BGen in July 2001 and assumed command

of Land Force Western Area. In June 2004 he is promoted to his present rank

and appointed in July as Assistant Director of Operations for NATO.