Notices and Announcements 27 April 2006

To all valued netknow users:

WE would like to thank you for your continued support.

We would like you to announce a new control panel from you can manage

your personal account as well as your Domain Name. If you need assistance with the

Control Panel, ,please call Dave at 780-669-2000.

To manage your domain, please go to .

We have using netcraft to monitor how well your Web Site is ranking on the

World . To install the netcraft toolbar, please go to . You can also click on the cleint list link at to see how well you are doing.

May we also point out that we do Web Site Consultation. IF your Web Site

is a few years old, we will be glad to give you a free consultation to improve

your Web Presence.

We also had some inquiries about the E-mail coming in and going out.

IF you are not certain about the incoming mail server, please use .

Those customer using our dial-up system, please set your outgoing mail server to . If you are not using our dial-up servers, please ask you Provider

what the Outgoing Mail Server should be.

You are welcome to call and/or e-mail us. We like to talk to you on a personal level

and help you resolve any issue you are having.

We colocate servers in our data centre, and do database hosting in conjuction with

our Web Hosting.

Finally, our dial-up will down for maintainance Sunday Evening for a short while.

Serendipity Blog updated to 1.1-Alpha2

A couple of rough spots, but if you are the file administrator, fixes are easy.