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Upcoming Opportunities Unlimited Speakers at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Mar 10/06 Bank of Canada Michelle Witkowski Counterfeit bills

Mar 17/06 Edmonton Food Bank Marjorie Bencz

Mar 24/06 Francis & Shaw Norm Shaw Hypnotherapy

Mar 31/06 Little Warriors Foundation Glori Meldrum

Apr 7/06 Climate Change Central Simon Knight Me First program? Car heaven?

Apr 14/06 Good Friday

Apr 21/06 TD Merchant Accounts Hali Hopkins How to set up to accept credit cards for store front and e-commerce and getting the best rates

Apr 28/06 (TBA)

May 5/06 Key West Group Insurance Garret Stewart (Tentative) How to cover you and/or your employees through benefit and group plans

May 12/06 Telus TBA Using current PDA

Check The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce's Web Site for updates.

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A seminar on How to Conduct Productive Meetings

As organizations grow and responsibility spreads, meetings have become the main communication channel. In most organizations, decisions are now made in groups, not individuals. Well planned and carefully led meetings can be sources of satisfaction and accomplishment.

This seminar will show you how to conduct more effective meetings. The program will take about one hour and will be presented as part of the regularly scheduled Chamber Toastmasters meeting this upcoming Thursday, March 9th, 2006.

The Chamber Toastmasters meetings are normally held each Thursday at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerces boardrooms on the 6th Floor of the Edmonton World Trade Center located at 9990 Jasper Avenue N, Edmonton, Alberta. Meetings begin at 6:00PM and ends at 7:30PM. Please plan on arriving at least 10 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Please call in advance to register. Registration is free, but we reserve the right to limit numbers to seating availability. So, please register early to guarantee your seat.

You can 426-4620 ext 0 or just appear and we will welcome you.

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