Spammers Hall of shame

Here are IPs of mail servers sending spam:

This has been a public service announcement.

Web Mail now running from Secure server

The lastest version of the open web mail software is now tucked behind our secure server.

Just go to then click on web mail and away you go!

Secure SSL Incoming and Outgoing E-mail

At last!! It is here. You can receive and send e-mail securely via your NetKnow account!!

Note your mail programme will ask you to either aceept or not accept the certificate; please accept!

How to set it up:

In Outlook and Outlook Express (Current Version):

1) Go to Tools

2) Go to Accounts

3) Under Mail click on your mail account for sending and receiving e-mail from Netknow.

4) Click on servers tab

Make certain that "My Incoming mail server is a POP3 server ".

Set Incoming Mail Server to .

Set Outgoing Mail Server to for dial-up customers otherwise set it to

Make certain that the "My server requires authentication" is check under the Outgoing Mail Server and under Settings please choose the "Use same settings as my incoming mail server".

5) Click on the advanced tab

Check off both the The server requires a secure connection (SSL) on Outgoing and Incoming Mail.

Hit Apply and OK and you are ready to go.

For Thunderbird Users:

Go to Tools then Account Settings Under you Incoming Mail Server settings, say, Click on server Settings, and under Security Settings, click on SSL and that the server name is set to .

Then choose Outgoing Server (SMTP) and choose TLS (if you are have a problem, please change to "TLS, if Available")

For Netscape 6.X and 7.X

go to mail and newsgroups -> edit -> Mail & newsgroups Account Settings

for MAIL server settings checkmail use secure connection(SSL) and set server to

and set Outgoing Server (SMTP) Server Name for dial-up customers otherwise set it to; set port to 25; checkmark

User name and password And set Use Secure connection (SSL): to Always.

and for

For Netscape 4.X or Older, olnly the Outgoing mail server can be secure.

If someone tells me about Eudora and Pegasus, I will duly comply to edit this entry.

Please avoid Netscape 8!

Blog rearrangement

The Web Ranking is split into 3 categories:

1) general (Web Ranking)

2) Articles (Web Ranking Articles)

3) Edmonton ISP tracking (NetKnow and Edmonton ISP ranking)

Usenet will never be dropped by NetKnow

REcently some big Internet Provider announced that they are dropping USEnet Newsgroups aka Internet Newsgroups declaring that service passe.

I hope all their customers bolted and these providers have to shut down their internet operations!

USEnet is a cornerstone, fundamental and integral Internet service. Without it Internet would not exist!

Netknow declares it will carry USEnet unless the service dies a natural death. Also look at Google Groups which is Google Portal to Usenet.

Sorry, but if you do not have the internet fundamentals, you should perish. Saying USEnet/Internet Newsgroups are passe is as good as saying Internet e-mail is useless.

Notices and Announcements 27 April 2006

To all valued netknow users:

WE would like to thank you for your continued support.

We would like you to announce a new control panel from you can manage

your personal account as well as your Domain Name. If you need assistance with the

Control Panel, ,please call Dave at 780-669-2000.

To manage your domain, please go to .

We have using netcraft to monitor how well your Web Site is ranking on the

World . To install the netcraft toolbar, please go to . You can also click on the cleint list link at to see how well you are doing.

May we also point out that we do Web Site Consultation. IF your Web Site

is a few years old, we will be glad to give you a free consultation to improve

your Web Presence.

We also had some inquiries about the E-mail coming in and going out.

IF you are not certain about the incoming mail server, please use .

Those customer using our dial-up system, please set your outgoing mail server to . If you are not using our dial-up servers, please ask you Provider

what the Outgoing Mail Server should be.

You are welcome to call and/or e-mail us. We like to talk to you on a personal level

and help you resolve any issue you are having.

We colocate servers in our data centre, and do database hosting in conjuction with

our Web Hosting.

Finally, our dial-up will down for maintainance Sunday Evening for a short while.

Serendipity Blog updated to 1.1-Alpha2

A couple of rough spots, but if you are the file administrator, fixes are easy.


Serendipity Blog just updated to 1.1-alpha1 nightly. Think I will do this on a daily basis. Also, so of the templates seem to work better here.

Blog Updated

NetKnow update BSD Servers

Netknow has just updated its primary and secondary servers:

NetKnow is now running perl 5.8.8 and update Mailscanner to 4.50 . Netknow updates daily its INN and OpenSSL packages.

PostGresQL UPdate

PostGresQL just got upgrade to 8.1.2 today

Monthly rotation

From 31 July 2005 9:00 p.m. to 1 August 2005 3:00 a.m. Dial-Up Serives will be unavailable for 30 minutes. Just monthly maintenance.

New customers added to

Search the Web With NetKnow

We are bringing back an old tradition.

Search the Web Through NetKnow.

You can search The Web using altavista, Yahoo, Google, Open directory etc.

Remember, we also are looking for any way to improve our services.

Temporary changeover

Notice to all NetKnow users:

Hard Drive swapping will be taking place from Thursday 24 March 2005 at 9:00 p.m.

to 25 March 2005 at 3:00 a.m. This will only take 30 minutes.