Pet Tails

Choose the fate of our trusty mascots Paws and Claws!
Our mascots will undergo zany mishaps and antics and you get to lead them through it.   Whichever outcome you pick will appear in the next edition of: 
The Thrilling Adventures of Paws and Claws!
Firstly, let us introduce our faithful friends: Paws: a big black Bouvier, who is so heroic that he tends to get a bit annoying because he tries too hard Claws: a 'princess' of a calico cat who doesn't like to get her feet dirty, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty, she is deceptively shrewd and cunning

Chapter Three

Scrambling to be first, Paws and Claws make a run for the tunnel to escape the cold threatening voice behind them. Claws somehow manages to keep ahold of the valuable collar.

"I can't see anything Claws! Where are you? Where are we going?" yelps poor Paws (he's a little afraid of the dark).

"Don't worry, I'm right here. Take the end of my tail in your mouth so you can follow me. And I'm only going to say this once - one false move, and you are in deep deep trouble. Let's go!" orders Claws, with a bit of a shudder as Paws gets some slobber on her beautiful tail. So this is how our to heroes make their way through the dark maze-like secret tunnel, Claws using her ultra feline night vision to guide them.

"Hey! I see a light up ahead! I hope this tunnel is ending so I can get my tail out of your wet slimy mouth!", Claws can't help complaining about certain indignities. "Man , I sure hope you are right because I can't wait to get this mangy furball out of my mouth!" Paws is a little defensive as he maintains a very rigorous dental program.

Just before they reach the end of the tunnel, voices start to drift in to them. "Please, stop! I don't know about any pet food warehouse!! If I did, I would tell you, please believe me!!." Paws and Claws could hear bits of conversation with a good deal of sobbing and whining.

"Shut Up You!! I don't want to hear anymore lies from you, SQUAWK, you are just trying to protect your pathetic human. Well, let me tell you, SQUAWK, that is going to get you one thing, and one thing only SQUAWK - a one way ticket to Dr. DeKlah's office, heh heh SQUAWK"

" Oh dear, Claws," whispers Paws, "we've stumbled onto something big and dangerous. It sounds like someone has kidnapped some poor innocent citizen. Who could be up to such trouble?" " I don't know Paws" says Claws," but that sobbing voice sounds familiar. It sounds like Sir Basil Cinnamon III, the Persian cat who stands to inherit the bulk of his human's multimillion dollar estate. We better make a quick decision here Paws..........."

What Should They Do?

1. Should they jump out of the tunnel and try to cause enough commotion to free Sir Basil Cinnamon III and themselves?


2. Should they try to listen in a bit longer, to discover what the diabolical plan of the criminals really is, and then retreat back up the tunnel to recruit some help?

What should they do?



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