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One of the most comforting things about the pet supply industry is that most of the products that people invent originate out of someone’s personal experience with their own pet.

Ever notice how, from time to time, your pet will do something you never expected, and you wonder: "Why is my dog doing this ? and sometimes, "How do I get him to stop?"

Examples include:

Unable to find a product on the market which might help with a particular problem, the intrepid pet owner turns inventor and creates a product which solves their problem. Voila ! Now other pet owners have a ready product on the market which they can use when they run into the same problem.

CatThe industry abounds with great solutions for reoccurring situations, for instance, Phydeaux’s new pineapple -shaped "Chew Grenade" acts as both a suitable chewing object for a teething dog, while acting as a great retrieving toy. So, you can save your furniture while giving your dog the teething exercise she needs and have fun playing with her, too!

Ethical Products’ Jumbo Mouse Burlap Scratcher is a scratch pad shaped like a giant mouse. This pad hangs from any door knob and allows cats to satisfy their need to scratch, while looking great in your home!

Have fun looking through some of the most creative and useful products invented to make your life with your pets happier and more satisfying. We’d like to hear from you if there’s anything you come across that you think we should add to our collection.

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