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3328 - 138 ave
Edmonton Alberta
Canada T5Y 1M4
Phone: (+1)780-669-2000
Maintenance Services
It is often thought that companies can save money by having their own staff make modifications to the website. This is in error. Professional website managers perform this task better. We do this every day. We have seen this happen with a "simple" website that we designed for one of our clients. The staff took over upgrading and within 2 months the site had broken links and the navigation structure was in shambles. The "saving" was definitely lost in the appearance of the site.
Websites can be unintentionally damaged by incompetent "upgrading". Links can be broken or lost, files exposed or deleted. Our Web Maintenance Plan protects your investment. We watch over your site on an ongoing basis. If you feel your site needs a 'makeover' we can help you get a new look., while keeping the desirable elements. We can also provide user information such as how many visitors your site has, and what they look at while visiting. This allows you to make decisions about both website content and navigation elements. We are here to guide you. Your website is kept up-to-date. Content editing can be accomplished with updated information. Just email the information or pictures and we will upload it, quickly, with a trained eye to the overall effect of your site. We manage your site. Using newest technologies, we can monitor your site and make changes that improve your site's performance. We insure that all features are functional.
Through our monthly maintenance agreement we will also submit your web site to all the top search engines and industry related directories. We submit a status report upon completion of the submission.
 Call us at: 780-669-2000 to get set up and for support.   
Prices does not include tax. All funds are in Canadian Dollars.
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 Personal Service in an Automated World

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