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Domain Registration Service

Registering your Domain Name is register your Internet brand!

We will register your Domain Name and give you 60 to 90 days notice of renewal

If you have a web presence, or are looking to get one, one of the key steps in ensuring that you come across as professional looking and easy to find is securing a domain name. The first step is to determine if your name is available. Select 'Domain Search' on the bottom of the page to see if someone else is already using the name or if the name is available. Just type your requested name, in the dialogue box and select the extension [com, net, org, ca etc], and you'll find out it it's registered already, or if it's available for use.

Contact us for pricing. If your name is already registered, or if you are setting up your name, you'll need the following information to have it configured properly for hosting with NetKnow:

  • Primary Name Server Hostname: doctor.nl2k.ab.ca    IP Address:
  • Secondary Name Server Hostname: ns2.nl2k.ab.ca    IP Address:

IP address space and DNS services

Once you've completed your registration, or if you're having problems or otherwise need assistance, you'll have to contact NetKnow Support to arrange for a domain hosting account and enable us to configure our servers.

For our offer of a FREE domain name - You must agree to host your site with NETKNOW for a minimum of [3] three years.

Call us at: 780-669-2000 to get set up and for support.Prices does not include tax. All funds are in Canadian Dollars. By signing for our services, you have read and agreed with our Acceptable Use Policy and Disclaimer. Please do not forget to check out our Web Hosting Services and Web Design services.

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