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Serendipity v2.0.3 pre-installation report

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PHP installation
Key Value
Operating system FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p10, amd64
Webserver SAPI fpm-fcgi
PHP version >= 5.3 Yes, 7.4.11
Database extensions PDO::PostgreSQL, PDO::SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQLi, SQLite3 (OO) (Preferrably use PDO-SQlite!)
Session extension Yes
PCRE extension Yes
GDlib extension Yes
OpenSSL extension Yes
mbstring extension Yes
iconv extension Yes
zlib extension Yes
Imagemagick binary /usr/local/bin/convert
php.ini configuration
  Recommended Actual
safe_mode OFF OFF
register_globals OFF OFF
magic_quotes_gpc OFF OFF
magic_quotes_runtime OFF OFF
session.use_trans_sid OFF OFF
allow_url_fopen ON OFF [?]
file_uploads ON ON
post_max_size 10M 768M
upload_max_filesize 10M 768M
memory_limit 16M 134217728
Directory Permissions
Server-side command line tools
CLI tool Executable?
Execute Imagemagick binary

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