MailScanner Installation Guide - Solaris/Other Unix

If you run into problems installing MailScanner, please ask for help on the mailing list. Please ensure you include your

Assumptions and Pre-requisites

For the purposes of this installation guide, it is assumed that it is going to be installed on a server already running the sendmail package and operating as some sort of an e-mail gateway. It must be capable of listening on the SMTP port and delivering received messages approriately for the user's site.

For example, at the author's site it has been installed on the e-mail servers which correspond to all of the DNS MX records. In conjunction with a firewall, which prevents incoming SMTP connections to any other hosts, this effectively protects the entire site against viruses in any incoming e-mail messages.

It is also assumed that the user has purchased a licenced copy of the Sophos anti-virus package suitable for running on the system to be used.


To install the MailScanner, there are 5 basic stages to go through:

  1. Configure Sendmail
  2. Install & configure Sophos
  3. New! - Use ./ to do steps 3, 4 and 5 for you. Just unpack the distribution and run the ./ script inside it.
    Install Perl and some modules
  4. Install MailScanner
  5. Install the TNEF decoder
  6. Configure MailScanner

There are also

Julian Field