MailScanner Installation Guide — Perl SAVI Module

  1. Download the Sophos product from their web site, or copy it from your CD, and install it using my "Sophos.install" script. You will either find this is on your path already (so just typing the command Sophos.install works), or else look in the /opt/MailScanner/bin directory.
  2. Download the Perl SAVI module. You want the latest ".tar.gz" file.
  3. Unpack it like this:
    gunzip SAVI-Perl-0.15.tar.gz
    tar xvf SAVI-Perl-0.15.tar
  4. "cd" into it
    cd SAVI-Perl-0.15
  5. Edit the Makefile.PL file, and change the long line to this:
    'LIBS' => ['-L/usr/local/Sophos/lib -R/usr/local/Sophos/lib -lsavi'],
  6. Create a link so that "-lsavi" works:
    [ -e /usr/local/Sophos/lib/ ] && ln -sf /usr/local/Sophos/lib/
    [ -e /usr/local/Sophos/lib/ ] && ln -sf /usr/local/Sophos/lib/
  7. Build the module as normal
        perl Makefile.PL
        make test
        make install

You can then use the Perl module within MailScanner by setting this in your MailScanner.conf file:

    Virus Scanners = sophossavi

Julian Field