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L/M Beak Treat Order
  • a tasty and satisfying treat
  • helps keep birds’ beaks trimmed
  • an excellent source of Calcium, Minerals and Iodine
  • available in Fruit Cocktail, Mineral, Lava and Honey
Beak Treat
Pet Organics Bird Spray Order
  • helps prevent feather plucking
  • adds to & restores lustre to feathers
  • natural ingredients are safe & ready to use on birds
  • No offensive odors
Bird Spray
Pearson’s Tree Top Bird Toy Order
  • Unique design of cotton rope & hardwood
  • gives your bird outdoor atmosphere
  • safe to use - fits almost all cages
  • provides hours of entertainment and exercise
  • includes hardware for simplicity in hanging
Tree Top Bird Toy
L/M Avian Multi Vitamins Order
  • Promote healthy development, growth and utilization of dietary nutrients
  • pH balanced formulas
  • Appealing citrus flavour
  • Convenient dropper bottle facilitates easy dosage of vitamins to your birds’ food or water
  • Fortified with vitamin A, D3, E, K and C
  • Added stabilized vitamin C is excellent for birds under stress
  • Convenient 1.75 oz bottle
Avian Multi Vitamins

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