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Written to intrigue

I may not be a fan of the RCC but even in simulation we see a greater evil.

Computer simulation, what an idea.

The Doctor is blind and guarding the vault.

He is remember the 'execution' of Missy and is sworn to guard her for

1000 years dead or alive. Nardole is in there as comic relief.

Also the Doctor is in Bristol to receive a Vatican City delegation, or is he?

He picks Bill up. Pipes and the Pope? Nice tough of rough humour.

The Vatican, Veritas is 'getting translated' and suicides are being committed.

I will blow this open right now. An alien invasion simulating Earth is

happening. Even the projecotrs are gettng it correct.

Are you real or part of the simulation?

This reminds me of a Combination of The Android Invasion and the Long Game.

The Android Invasion, the adversary simulates Earth to see how to invade it.

The Long Game, everyone on Earth is playing a Game within a Game.

So now we have an invader with the perfect replication, Doctor included. Well

big mistake, personality is also copiedy and hence the Real doctor could

be warn. 3 plots lines in one.

Plotholes anyone?

Can the Doctor stop the invaders? That is answered next week after

Arsenal beats Chelsea for the FA Cup!


9/10 .

The Doctor sets this up in lecture and in Space Oxygen is a cost. So

much that suits will deactivate their host.

A lot of double entendres and many a theme on capitalism, computer

systems and quite timely given the massive randomware incident. Sorry

simpletons you do not qualify.

So the Doctor answers a distress call. No oxygen when he arrives. All

right, light up the station and let the party begin. A nightmarish


The Doctor makes contact with the crew and a bit of panic takes place.

The crew wants to know how the Doctor and companions arrived. A chase

does occurs of zombies going after the Doctor and friends

and when they arrive in the spacesuits that were under repair They meet

the humans and a blue man. Funny stuff about discrimination.

Well the zombie suits do break in and an escape has to take place.

Bill is in a really damaged suit. Her helmet will no work.

The Doctor gives her his helmet.

Does anyone recall terror of the Zygons and even 4 to Doomsday

where the Doctor can conserve oxygen in a state without health damage.

The Doctor ends up blind. All right, please explain!!

So what is really happening.

The suits are deactivating their 'organic' component as programmed!

The suits are programmed to believe that the organics could be wasting oxygen

and that is costly. Nice Capitalistic thought!!

The Doctor did 'zombie' Bill the second time and made the suits think

that death is too expensive!

Well programmed! Not a hack, but , yeah, talk about crocked programming.

The Doctor drops the surviving crew and headquarters.

Back in Bristol, it is revealed that the Doctor is still blind.

Wait on till next week.

Doctor Who - Knock , Knock

Knock, Knock? Who is there? Doctor . Doctor Who?

Enough funny stuff


What a lot of surprises in that episode. Terrifically written!

So Bill joins up with 5 members looking for a flat.

They find one with the help of an old gentleman who is looking for 6 tenants.

1st Tenant moved in and something weird happens.

The Doctor helps Bill to move (How does the TARDIS surround it target?

This has not been explained properly)

The Tower is forbidden, why? We shall see.

Bill and the rest

The Doctor decides to check things up on his own.

So insects like lice / cockroaches are eating people alive , why? And

why are they part of the wood?

Bill and friend make it to the tower after another mate goes missing.

The Doctor finds and elevator and he and a new friend espace under.

They find previous tenants . 2 more tenants are enveloped.

The Doctor decides to Help.

All right. Nit pick time.

How come Eliza believed that this was her father and not her son? Not


The slugs, They help the Eliza but no explanation to their origin.

The Doctor opens the windows and a fireworks show is happening.

Mother releases the slugs and takes her son with her.

Why are only the recent 6 released and not everyone else?

Certainly everyone should have been released.

Everyone escapes.

The Doctor opens the vault. What is in there?

Doctor Who Thin Ice

** This review may contain spoilers **

Wow! This is mindblowing!!

No explanation to what the creature in the Thames is or what came about, but a good storyline!

The Doctor and Bill are in London 1814 where an ice carnival is happening.

So the TARDIS does land and should check his scanner before going out.

Privilege, scandal, urchins, you name it well written.

So people are pulled into the Thames and are a meal


The Doctor sees a disappearance for himself , a poor young thief named Spider, and decides to get involved (Typical).

He does get the street children / urchins onside (good writing on social consciousness).

The Doctor decides to get Scuba gear and dive in!!

Underneath is a creature that is chained( why?)

Further exploration to a factory with the help of a circus worker reveals mud brick that can be used as rocket fuel.

The Doctor visit the villain Lord Sutcliff and here comes the action. He fakes Club credential and when Sutcliff becomes ungentlemanly, the fight breaks out and the Doctor and Bill are arrested.

The doctor makes the most compassionate speak and have no effect.

Both the Doctor and Bill are sent to the Thames and the desperation now climbs.

Sonic Screwdriver to the rescue and the man with the tattoo holding the sonic screwdriver is lunch.

The best scene. The Doctor is a servant to humanity and Bill has to give the order.

A decision making moment for the companion that makes this the best episode so far.

Yes for liberation and then the action happens.

Bill and street urchins evacuate the river.

The Doctor works on his side.

Sutcliff decides to blow up the river circus.

Instead the Doctor reroutes the explosives to free the creature.

Game on! Sonic Screwdriver is recoverable.

Sutcliff is that last lunch for the fish.

Love the ending where the urchins inherit the Sutcliffe name.

And that newspaper clip rock.

So what is in the vault?

Smile Review with Spoilers

google TV boxes are useful!!

Welcome to a new era.

I rate this 8.5/10 !

This is much better than last week's mishmash!

Bill does a Rose in this one and written better.

Nardole makes a brief cameo.

So past or future Bill?

Future it is!!

Did someone rip off RTD's 2nd script?


We see the future. Something has gone wrong with the robotic servants

and the humans. People are dying and sadness is target for unmutuality!

The first crew dies ....

The Doctor and Bill arrive to a new city on a planet

20 light years.

There are scanned and greeted.

The robots speak Emoji.

As I said unhappy feelings are reasons for being nailed off.

First its dinner.

Then the garden only to find that the dead are being used as fertiliser.

The Doctor and Bill make it back to the TARDIS rather britally.

The Doctor tells Bill to stay with the TARIDS while he

prevents a next ship from being slaughtered.

Back to the city for the Doctor. So far so good

and the Doctor is looking for something new.

Bill surprises the Doctor (how fast is she) and

Bill is getting under the Doctor's skin.

Yes, the Doctor is the Police . Nice twist.

The Doctor and Bill find a ship (United Earth) and enter.

The doctor gets Bill to read the schematic of the ship.

The Doctor plans to use the ship to blow up the mad machines.

Here is the brilliant twist!!

Bill find a young colonist!

As the Doctor is trying to set the ship to destruct, Bill is trying to

get new information to the Doctor.

The Doctor has to fight a mechanical antibody. The time of his life as usual.

As soon as the Doctor finds out about the new colonist,

he countermans his own sabotage.

He has to now plan a peaceful co-existence with the colonists

and the artificially intelligent life forms, the Vardy

otherwise humanity in its anger could be wiped out.

The young colonist is looking for his mother and feels sad.

An angry fight arises when the shuams and the vardy tangle.

The Doctor does need to work on anger control when bad news happens.

The Doctor's only chance is to hit the reset button

and he does.

The Vardy have forgetten unhappiness and grief.

The humans need to be clamed down.

The Doctor acts as go between and

please everyone smile.

Happy endings and a new adventure awaits.

Plot: Clearer than the start.

The doctor : His usual self

Bill: The companion that is maturing.

Doctor Who - The Pilot 2016 aired 15 April 2017

5.5 / 10

All right Since Christmas we have been expecting Bill Potts

to come to the Table.

The Doctor is trying to crack a vault with Nardole.

Why is the Doctor interested in Miss Bill Potts?

She is tagging along for the ride while the Doctor

poses as a Bristol U lecturer. So how did the Doctor get these creditials

and what are they trying to crack?

Bill and 'Heather' is having a friendly relation on that Hether

is no longer human.

So what is this intelligent fuel and what was it doing at Bristol U?

I wonder if Bristol U has been upgraded since 1992 when I went into

the Library just to check the local politics on a national newspaper.

It looks different.

So Bill and The Doctor has spent some time from say OCtober to

whatever the new semester is.

2 plots. 1 ) The Vault in Bristol.

2) Heather becoming the pilot in this intelligent goo.

What hots up? Heather in Bill's Flat and the chase is on.

1st the vault.

2nd Australia

3rd 23 million years into the future.

All right, this goo which 'midnight' is travelling through space and

time. Rather perplexing.

4th a Movellan Dalek Battle hopefully to kill this glob.

The Glob becomes a Dalek and then back to Heather.

Now for a mental battle. Will Miss Bill join Heather on her travels?


Will the Doctor try to mind wipe Bill?

Bill is trong and looks to be more informed.

A small mental battle is ensuing and the Doctor

and Nardole

decides Bill will joins.

No explanation to what the goo is. No idea of why the vault

is there. No real idea of how everything lines up. I think Moffat

was tired when he wrote this script.

The Doctor : Still as wiley as can be.

Bill Potts: I will give her a chance

Nardole: Creative

Hands up who was impressed.

The Future episodes look nice.

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Openssl updates

I take quite some time!

Updating openssl and what it affects such as cURL, clamav, bind exim, dovecot , ftpd, mysql, postgresql SQLITE, httpd and php is a task!

What are the polls saying about Alberta Election 2015

NDP Majority or Hung Legislature? Are there any other factors?

All right what do the aggregate says of all these polls?

Just using Election Almanac Poll page on Alberta Elections 2015

We have

Province wide

AB Vote Alberta Wide n=1153 NDP 44% PCAA 20% WRP 19% Liberals 11% AB Party 6%

ROI n=557 NDP 38% PCAA 24% WRP 21% Liberals 10% AB PArty 4% ( ROI including undecided ndp 28% PCAA 18% WRP 15% Liberals 8% AP 3% others 2% und 26%)

Leger n=1014 NDP 38% PCAA 30% WRP 24% Liberals 6 AB PArty 1% OThers 1%

ThinkHQ n=2114 NDP 39% PCAA 20% WRP 27% Liberals 9% AB Party 4% other 1% (decided n=1501) undecided 13%

EKOS NDP 44.3% WRP 24.0% PCAA 22.5% Liberal 5.6% AB PArty 2.2% n=823

MainStreet n=3143 NDP 38% PCAA 18% WRP 23% Liberals 4% Alberta PArty 2% Undecided 14%

Forum n=1060 NDP 42% PCAA 21% WRP 24% Liberals 5% Alberta Party 5%


AB VOte Edmonton n=340 NDP 62% PCAA 14% WRP 12% Liberals 8% AB Party 4%

ROi n=178 Edmonton NDP 57% PCAA 19% WRP 11% Liberals 8% AB PArty 4%

Leger n=438 NDP 56% PC 21% WRP 16% Liberals 8% AB PArty 1%

ThinkHQ n=582 deciced voters NDP 56% PCaa 17% WRP 17% Liberals 8% undecided 11%

EKOS NDP 59% PCAA 19% WRP 18% Liberal 2% AB PArty 0%

Mainstreet n=1040 NDP 66% PC 14% WRP 7% Liberal 3% AB Party 1% undecided 7%

Forum n=306 NDP 55% PC 19% WRP 13% Liberals 7% AB Party 5%


AB Vote Calgary n=380 NDP 37% PCAA 24% WRP 20% Liberals 15% AB Party 6%

ROI n=184 NDP 28% PCAA 32 % WRP 24% Liberals 15% AB Party 3%

Leger n=448 NDP 30% PCAA 33% WRP 26% Liberals 9% AB Party 2%

ThinkHQ n=641 NDP 31% PCAA 23% WRP 28% Liberals 11% ABPArty 6% undecided 13%

EKOS NDP 41% PC 22% WRP 22% Liberals 9% AB Party 6%

Mainstreet n=1061 NDP 30% PCAA 21% WRP 22% Liberals 9% AB Party 4% undecided 14%

Forum n=323 NDP 37% PCAA 21% WRP 26% Liberals 6% Alberta Party 6%

Outside Edmonton and Calgary

AB Vote Outside Edm and Cgy n=433 NDP 37% PCAA 20% WRP 35% Liberals 11% AB Party 6%

ROI n=195 NDP 34% PCAA 22% WRP 28% Liberals 8% AB PArty 5%

Leger n=294 NDP 30% PCAA 34% WRP 28% Liberals 4% AB PArty 2%

Mainstreet n=1042 NDP 33% WRP 28% PCAA 18% Liberals 3% Alberta PArty 2% undecided 16%

EKOS NDP 36% WRP 31% PC 26% Liberals 5% AB PArty 1%

Interesting note on the EKOS/Corus/Global Poll preview week to voting

The poll showed Wildrose supporters were the most committed to their party, with Liberal and Alberta Party supporters the most likely to change their vote:

NDP supporters – 51 per cent have made up their mind, while 49 per cent could change their mind.

Wildrose supporters – 64 per cent have made up their mind, while 36 per cent could change their mind.

PC supporters – 54 per cent have made up their mind, while 46 per cent could change their mind.

Liberal supporters – 25 per cent have made up their mind, while 75 per cent could change their mind.

Alberta Party supporters – 31 per cent have made up their mind, while 70 per cent could change their mind.

EKOS itself reveals that based on Federal support

Liberal PArty of Canada supporters

NDP 47% Liberals 21% PC 19% Alberta PArty 8% Wildrose 4% HUH??!!

Conservative PArty of Canada supporters

PC 46% WRP 37% NDP 11% Liberals 3% Alberta PArty 3%

NDP federally in Alberta

NDP 86% WRP 8% PCAA 4% Liberal 1% Alberta PArty 1%

Federal Greens in Alberta

NDP 47% Green 27% Liberal 5% PCAA 2% Green 2%


Click 1 ab Vote for their poll.

Click ROI

Click Leger

Click ThinkHQ

EKOS/GLobal/Corus Click Global/Corus and Ekos report

May 4 Ekos MAy 4

Click MainStreet

Click Forum Research

Overall, the NDP are PERCEIVED to lead. The reality is that you choose to have a Liberal Majority, an NDP MAjority, a PC majority, a Wildrose MAjority or a minorty government. Get out and vote and MAke IT COUNT!!

Alberta Liberals on Arts and Culture in Election 2015

From Dr. David Swann

Yesterday in Red Deer I announced the most comprehensive arts and culture policy

of any party. 

Even in these most uncertain economic times support for Alberta's creative

community must continue. For every dollar invested in the arts, an estimated

$12 of economic activity is created. 

Alberta Liberals believe that arts and culture - museums and art galleries, book

publishing and live theatre, music and dance, film and television production -

are not a frill, but an essential part of living in this great province. We


- DOUBLE Alberta Foundation for the Arts funding from $26.5M to $53M

- Show leadership in fostering and sustaining First Nations' arts community -


Alberta Liberals on Senior's Issues in Election 2015

From Dr. David Swann

Yesterday in Lethbridge I released the Liberal plan to help seniors stay in

their homes, put money in their pockets, and keep them healthy and active.

Without access to quality home care and community supports many seniors turn to

hospital emergency rooms for treatment and end up staying in acute care beds

for extended periods of time.

The Liberal solution: Prevent hospitalizations and institutional care. Boost

funding for home care and community support initiatives by $75 million so more

seniors can live independently and stay in their own homes.




Hundreds of seniors are needlessly occupying acute care beds due to a lack of

long-term care spaces. This leads to substandard care for seniors and causes

delays in surgical, emergency and EMS wait times.

The solution: Alberta Liberals will invest $50 million to build and operate new

publicly funded and publicly delivered long-term care spaces.

The PCs eliminated the Education Property Tax Assistance Grant in 2013 -- a

program that once provided upwards of $20 million in tax relief to seniors.

The Liberal solution: Reinstate and increase the Education Property Tax

Assistance Grant to $25 million to put money back into the pockets of seniors.

Seniors need access to fitness facilities, but they are expensive. Many cannot

afford them.

Our solution: Alberta Liberals will invest $5 million in a seniors' fitness tax

credit to encourage seniors to be active and healthy.

Seniors have built this great province, and we are going to be there for them.

The Liberal plan will help couples stay together and receive the supports they

need to live their lives with dignity. When vulnerable seniors require

long-term care, our government has an obligation to provide high quality,

non-profit care. 

Many seniors cannot afford the taxes on their homes. Reinstating the Education

Property Tax Assistance Grant helps them pay the bills. Furthermore, the vast

majority of seniors live healthy, active lives, and a fitness tax credit will

help them continue to do just that.

Dr. David Swann on K-12 Education

Yesterday I announced a comprehensive K-12 education policy.

Our plan will build schools as community hubs, hire 1500 teachers and support

staff to reduce class sizes, and phase out schools fees to save parents money.

The problem: Alberta is a growing province with many young families living in

new suburbs; however, a severe shortage of new schools exists in these new


The solution is simple: build the schools as community hubs with the input of

school boards and local municipalities where the children live. School boards

in Alberta have their priority lists, and an Alberta Liberal government would

commit to building the schools on the lists. 

The problem: Due to chronic underfunding of schools by the PC government,

schools are often forced to charge parents excessive fees that run from $300 to

$1,000 a year, including transportation costs. This is, in effect, a tax on


The solution: With an Alberta Liberal government, school fees will be reduced

and eventually eliminated. The Alberta Liberals were the first party to demand

an end to school fees, and have repeatedly asked the PC government to ban

additional fees for almost a decade. The Alberta Liberals will invest $50

million this year to phase out school fees.

The problem: An additional 12,000 students are expected to enter Alberta's

school system this year. The Prentice government's budget calls for no new

teachers to be hired. The consequence of more students and no new teachers is

larger class sizes.

Solution: We would invest an extra $100 million to hire nearly 1500 teachers and

support staff to reduce class sizes. It is important not only to build new

schools, we must also staff them.

I believe that education is the best investment society can make, not a cost to

be cut. It's time to take the burden off families by increasing funding for

education in order to eliminate school fees.

The future of our province depends on supporting Alberta families and educating

our children.

There are seven days left in the election campaign.


The Centrist guide to Alberta Election 2015

You are a centrist like me and you despise both left and right , so you are anyone but PC, Wildrose and NDP all in one role. The Bad news is that some of the riding only have PC,WRP,NDP options. The good news is that there is a centrist option for you in many ridings. Let's get started!

Thank you Davebarta for the complete Alberta Election 2015 information

General Election 2015

Total Nominated Candidates

AP: Alberta Party 36/87

AF: Alberta First 1/87

COM: Communist Party 2/87

GRN: Green Party 29/87

LIB: Liberal 56/87

NDP: New Democratic Party 87/87

PC: Progressive Conservative 87/87

SC: Social Credit 6/87

WR: Wildrose 86/87

Provincial Constituencies


AP Jeremy Klug

IND Jeff Willerton

NDP Christopher Noble

PC Peter Brown

WR Angela Pitt

In Airdrie, go with the AP candidate Jeremy Klug

1 for AP


NDP Colin Piquette

PC Jeff Johnson

WR Travis Olson

In Athabasca Hold your nose and go with the NDP

AP 1 NDP 1


NDP Cam Westhead

PC Ron Casey

WR Scott Wagner

In Banff Hold your nose and go with the NDP

AP 1 NDP 2


NDP Tristan Turner

PC Maureen Kubinec

WR Glenn van Dijken

In Barrhead Hold your nose and go with the NDP

AP 1 NDP 3

Battle River-Wainwright

LIB Ron Williams

NDP Gordon Naylor

PC Blake Prior

WR Wes Taylor

In Battle River go with Ron Williams

LIB 1 AP 1 NDP 3

Bonnyville-Cold Lake

AP Rob Fox

NDP Josalyne Head

PC Craig Copeland

WR Scott Cyr

In Bonnyville go with Rob Fox AP

LIB 1 AP 2 NDP 3


LIB Nicholas Borovsky

NDP Brandy Payne

PC Jonathan Denis

WR Linda Carlson

In Calgary Acadia go with Nicholas Borovsky

LIB 2 AP 2 NDP 3


AP Jonathon Himann

GRN David Reid

LIB Matthew Gaiser

NDP Deborah Drever

PC Byron Nelson

WR Trevor Grover

In Calgary Bow , go with Matthew Gaiser

LIB 4 AP 2 NDP 3


GRN Sabrina Levac

NDP Kathleen Ganley

LIB David Khan

PC Terry Rock

WR Leah Wamboldt

In Calgary Buffalo, David Khan!

LIB 5 AP 2 NDP 3


GRN Peter Meic

LIB Manjot Singh Gill

IND Katherine LeRougetel

NDP Ricardo Miranda

PC Rick Hanson

WR Moiz Ullah Mahmood

In Calgary Cross -> Manjot Singh Gill

LIB 6 AP 2 NDP 3


AP Tony Norman

GRN Nelson Berlin

LIB Shelley Wark-Martyn

NDP Brian Malkinson

PC Christine Cusanelli

WR Terry DeVries

In Calgary Currie Shelley Wark-Martyn

LIB 7 AP 2 NDP 3


COM Bonnie Devine

LIB Naser Al-Kukhun

NDP Robyn Luff

PC Moe Amery

WR Ali Waissi

In Calgary East LIB Naser Al-Kukhun

LIB 8 AP 2 NDP 3


AP Greg Clark

LIB John Roggeveen

NDP Catherine Wellburn

PC Gordon Dirks

SC Larry Heather

WR Megan Brown

All right here is the surprise. Sorry my good firend John, but Greg Clark get the endorsement here.

LIB 8 AP 3 NDP 3

Calgary-Fish Creek

AP Allison Wemyss

NDP Jill Moreton

PC Richard Gotfried

SC Martin Owen

WR Blaine Maller

In Calgary Fish-Creek Allison Wemyss

LIB 8 AP 4 NDP 3


GRN Janet Keeping

LIB Ali Bin Zahid

NDP Anne Wilson

PC Jim Prentice

WR Keelan Frey

In Calgary-Foothills Ali Bin Zahid

LIB 9 AP 4 NDP 3


AP Vic Goosen

LIB Said Abdulbaki

NDP Joe Ceci

PC Andy Nguyen

WR Jeevan Mangat

In Calgary-Fort Said Abdulbaki

LIB 10 AP 4 NDP 3


AP Terry Lo

LIB David Waddington

NDP Anam Kazim

PC Linda Johnson

WR Chris Kemp-Jackson

In Calgary-Glenmore David Waddington

LIB 11 AP 4 NDP 3


NDP Don Monroe

PC Manmeet Bhullar

WR Devinder Toor

In Calgary-Greenway hold the nose and vote Don Monroe

LIB 11 AP 4 NDP 4


AP Beth Barberee

GRN Polly Knowlton Crockett

LIB Harbksh Singh Sekhon

NDP Michael Connolly [Twitter]

PC Jason Luan

SC Len Skowronski

WR Jae Shim

In Calgary-Hawkwood Harbksh Singh Sekhon

LIB 12 AP 4 NDP 4


GRN Graham MacKenzie

LIB Shawn Emran

NDP Carla Drader

PC Ric McIver

SC Zachary Doyle

WR Robert Mailloux

In Calgary Hays Shawn Emran

LIB 13 AP 4 NDP 4


GRN Noel Keough

LIB David Gamble

NDP Craig Coolahan

PC Kyle Fawcett

WR Jeremy Nixon

In Calgary Klein David Gamble

LIB 14 AP 4 NDP 4


LIB Leila Keith

NDP Mihai Ion

PC Dave Rodney

WR Mark Mantei

In Calgary Lougheed Leila Keith

LIB 14 AP 4 NDP 4

Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill

GRN Sandy Aberdeen

LIB Prab Lashar

NDP Karen McPherson

PC Neil Brown [Twitter]

WR Kathy Macdonald

In Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill Prab Lashar

LIB 15 AP 4 NDP 4


IND Afshan Kamran

IND Burhan Khan

LIB Avinash Khangura

NDP Irfan Sabir

PC Jagdeep Sahota

WR Happy Mann

In Calgary-McCall stay Liberal and vote Avinash Khangura

Lib 16 AP 4 NDP 4

Calgary-Mountain View

NDP Marc Chikinda

PC Mark Hlady

LIB David Swann

WR Terry Wong

In Calgary-Mountain View vote for the next premier of Alberta David Swann

Lib 17 AP 4 NDP 4

Calgary-North West

AP Christopher Blatch

LIB Neil Marion

NDP Karen Mills

PC Sandra Jansen

WR Jeff Callaway

In Calgary North West Neil Marion

Lib 18 AP 4 NDP 4

Calgary-Northern Hills

LIB Harry Lin

NDP Jamie Kleinsteuber

PC Teresa Woo-Paw

WR Prasad Panda

In Calgary-Northern Hills Harry Lin

Lib 19 AP 4 NDP 4


AP Evert Smith

LIB Alexander Barrow

NDP Graham Sucha

PC Jeff Wilson

WR Brad Leishman

In Calgary Shaw Alexander Barrow

Lib 20 AP 4 NDP 4

Calgary-South East

GRN Jordan Mac Isaac

LIB G. Gill

NDP Mirical Macdonald

PC Rick Fraser

WR Brandon Lunty

In Calgary South East G. Gill

Liberal 21 AP 4 NDP 4


AP Jeremy Mroch

GRN Carl Svoboda

LIB Pete Helfrich

NDP Stephanie McLean

PC Susan Billington

WR Sharon Polsky

In Calgary Varsity Pete Helfrich

Liberal 22 AP 4 NDP 4


NDP Miznur Rahman

PC Mike Ellis

WR Gerard Lucyshyn

In Calgary West Hold the nose and vote for Miznur Rahman

Liberal 22 AP 4 NDP 5


AP Del Bodnarek

NDP Aaron Haugen

PC Brian Brewin

WR Grant Hunter

For Cardston I recommend Del Bodnarek

Liberal 22 AP 5 NDP 5

Chestermere-Rocky View

GRN Coral Bliss Taylor

IND Matt Grant

IND Jamie Lall

NDP William Pelech

PC Bruce McAllister

WR Leela Aheer

For Chestermere go with Coral Bliss Taylor

Liberal 22 AP 5 NDP 5 GRN 1

Cypress-Medicine Hat

LIB Eric Musekamp

NDP Bev Waege

PC Bob Olson

WR Drew Barnes

For Cypress vote Eric Musekamp

Liberal 23 AP 5 NDP 5 GRN 1

Drayton Valley-Devon

AP Connie Jensen

GRN Jennifer Roach

NDP Katherine Swampy

PC Diana McQueen

WR Mark Smith

For Drayton I recommend Connie JEnsen

Liberal 23 AP 6 NDP 5 GRN 1


PC Jack Hayden

NDP Emily Shannon

WR Rick Strankman

In Drumheller, hold the nose and vote Emily Shannon

Liberal 23 AP 6 NDP 6 GRN 1

Dunvegan-Central Peace-Notley

NDP Marg McCuaig Boyd

PC Rhonda Clarke-Gauthier

WR Kelly Hudson

In Dunvegan, hold the nose and vote Marg McCuaig Boyd

Liberal 23 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


AP Owais Siddiqui

LIB Tomi Yellowface

NDP Deron Bilous

PC Tony Caterina

WR Stephanie Diacon

In Beverley I recommend Tomi Yellowface

Liberal 24 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


LIB Amit Batra

NDP David Eggen

PC Thomas Bradley

WR Andrew Altimas

In Calder I recommend Amit Batra

Liberal 25 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1

Edmonton-Castle Downs

LIB Todd Ross

NDP Nicole Goehring

PC Thomas Lukaszuk [Twitter]

WR Gerrit Roosenboom

In Castle Downs I recommend Todd Ross

Liberal 26 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


LIB/AP/GRN Laurie Blakeman

IND Greg Keating

IND Rory Joe Koopmans

NDP David Shepherd

PC Catherine Keill

WR Joe Byram

In Edmonton Centre without a doubt, Laurie Blakeman

Liberal 27 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


GRN Trey Capnerhurst

LIB Bradley Whalen

NDP Chris Nielsen

PC Janice Sarich

WR Dean Miller

In Decore I recommend Bradley Whalen

Liberal 28 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


LIB Mike McGowan

NDP Rod Loyola [Facebook, Twitter]

PC Harman Kandola [Twitter]

WR Jackie Lovely

In Ellersie I recommend Mike McGowan

Liberal 29 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


AP Chris Vilcsak

GRN David Parker

LIB Karen Sevcik

NDP Sarah Hoffman

PC Heather Klimchuk

WR Don Koziak

In Glenora I recommend Karen Sevcik

Liberal 30 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1

Edmonton-Gold Bar

AP Cristina Stasia

LIB Ronald Brochu

NDP Marlin Schmidt

PC David Dorward

WR Justin James

In Gold Bar I recommend Ronald Brochu

Liberal 31 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


LIB Matthew Smith

NDP Brian Mason

PC Jonathan Dai

WR Joshua Loeppky

In Highlands Norwood I recommend Matthew Smith

Liberal 32 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


LIB Adam Mounzer

NDP Heather Sweet

PC Gurcharn Garcha

WR Atiq Rehman

In Edm Manning Provincial I recommend Adam Mounzer

Liberal 33 AP 6 NDP 7 GRN 1


AP John Hudson

NDP Lorne Dach

PC David Xiao

WR Steve Thompson

In McClung I recommend John Hudson

Liberal 33 AP 7 NDP 7 GRN 1


LIB Dan Bildhauer

NDP Jon Carson

PC Katherine O’Neill

WR Amber Maze

In Meadowlark Dan Bildhauer

Liberal 34 AP 7 NDP 7 GRN 1

Edmonton-Mill Creek

LIB Harpreet Singh Gill

NDP Denise Wollard

PC Gene Zwozdesky

WR Saqib Raja

In Mill Creek I recommend Harpreet Singh Gill

Liberal 35 AP 7 NDP 7 GRN 1

Edmonton-Mill Woods

COM Naomi Rankin

IND Aura Leddy

NDP Christina Gray

LIB Roberto Maglalang

PC Sohail Quadri

WR Baljit Sal

In Millwoods I recommend Roberto Maglalang

Liberal 36 AP 7 NDP 7 GRN 1


AP Brandon Beringer

GRN Sandra Wolf Lange

IND Glenn Miller

LIB Donna Wilson

NDP Lori Sigurdson

PC Steve Young

WR Ian Crawford

In Riverview I recommend Donna Wilson

Liberal 37 AP 7 NDP 7 GRN 1


LIB Michael Chan

NDP Richard Feehan

PC Chris Labossiere

WR Josef Pisa

I recommend Michael Chan

Liberal 38 AP 7 NDP 7 GRN 1

Edmonton-South West

AP Krishna Tailor

LIB Rudy Arcilla

NDP Thomas Dang

PC Matt Jeneroux

WR Cole Kander

I recommend Rudy Arcilla

Liberal 38 AP 7 NDP 7 GRN 1


LIB Steve Kochan

NDP Rachel Notley

PC Shelley Wegner

In this 3 way race, I recommend Steve Kochan

Liberal 39 AP 7 NDP 7 GRN 1


GRN Kathryn Jackson

IND John Baloun

LIB Steven Townsend

NDP Bob Turner

PC Stephen Mandel

WR Chad Peters

In Whitemud I recommend Steven Townsend

Liberal 39 AP 7(8) NDP 7 GRN 1(2)

Fort McMurray-Conklin

LIB Melinda Hollis

NDP Ariana Mancini [Twitter]

PC Don Scott [Twitter]

WR Brian Jean [Twitter]

In Conklin Kill the giant with Melinda Hollis

Liberal 39 AP 7(8) NDP 7 GRN 1(2)

Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo

LIB Robin Lefevre

NDP Steve Drover

PC Mike Allen

WR Tany Yao

In Wood Buffalo I recommend Robin Lefevre

Liberal 40 AP 7(8) NDP 7 GRN 1(2)

Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville

AP Derek Christensen

GRN Allison Anderson

LIB Peter Schneider

NDP Jessica Littlewood

PC Jacquie Fenske

WR Joe Gosselin

In Fort Sask, I recommend Peter Schneider

Liberal 41 AP 7(8) NDP 7 GRN 1(2)

Grande Prairie-Smoky

LIB Kevin McLean

NDP Todd Russell [Twitter]

PC Everett McDonald

WR Todd Loewen

I recommend Kevin McLean

Liberal 42 AP 7(8) NDP 7 GRN 1(2)

Grande Prairie-Wapiti

AP Rory Tarant

NDP Mary Dahr

PC Wayne Drysdale

WR Laila Goodridge

In GPW I recommend Rory Tarant

Liberal 42 AP 8(9) NDP 7 GRN 1(2)


AP Joel Windsor

GRN Martin Blake

NDP Leslie Mahoney

PC Carrie Fischer

SC Jeremy Fraser

WR Wayne Anderson

In Highwood Martin Blake

Liberal 42 AP 8(9) NDP 7 GRN 2(3)

Innisfail-Sylvan Lake

AP Danielle Klooster

NDP Patricia Norman

PC Kerry Towle [Twitter]

WR Donald MacIntyre

In Innisfail , Danielle Kloooster

Liberal 42 AP 9(10) NDP 7 GRN 2(3)

Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills

GRN Brian Deheer

NDP Catherine Harder

PC Darrell Younghans [Twitter]

WR Dave Hanson

In LLB, Brian Deheer

Liberal 42 AP 9(10) NDP 7 GRN 3(4)


AP Tony Jeglum [Twitter]

NDP Doug Hart [Twitter]

PC Peter Dewit

WR Ron Orr

In Lacombe, Tony Jeglum

Liberal 42 AP 10(11) NDP 7 GRN 3(4)


AP Bert Hoogewoonink

GRN Josh Drozda

NDP Shayne Anderson

PC George Rogers

WR Sharon Smith

In Leduc, I recommend Josh Drozda as Josh showed up for Rock The Vote

Liberal 42 AP 10(11) NDP 7 GRN 4(5)

Lesser Slave Lake

NDP Danielle Larivee [Facebook, Twitter]

PC Pearl Calahasen

WR Darryl Boisson

Here, Hold he nose and vote Danielle Larivee

Liberal 42 AP 10(11) NDP 8 GRN 4(5)


LIB William West

NDP Maria Fitzpatrick

PC Tammy Perlich

WR Kent Prestage

I recommend William West

Liberal 43 AP 10(11) NDP 8 GRN 4(5)


LIB Sheila Pyne

NDP Shannon Phillips

PC Greg Weadick

WR Ron Bain

I recommend Sheila Pyne

Liberal 44 AP 10(11) NDP 8 GRN 4(5)

Little Bow

LIB Helen McMenamin

NDP Bev Muendel-Atherstone

PC Ian Donovan

SC Caleb Van Der Weide

WR Dave Schneider

I recommend Helen McMenamin

Liberal 45 AP 10(11) NDP 8 GRN 4(5)


NDP Aileen Burke

PC Evan Berger

WR Pat Stier

Hold he nose and vote for Aileen Burke

Liberal 45 AP 10(11) NDP 9 GRN 4(5)

Medicine Hat

AP Jim Black

IND Dave Robon Hood Phillips

NDP Bob Wanner

PC Blake Pedersen

WR Val Olson

in the Hat I recommend Jim Black

Liberal 45 AP 11(12) NDP 9 GRN 4(5)

Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills

AP Jim Adamchick

NDP Glenn Norman

PC Wade Bearchell

WR Nathan Cooper

I recommend Jim Adamchick

Liberal 45 AP 12(13) NDP 9 GRN 4(5)

Peace River

AP Sherry Hilton

NDP Debbie Jabbour

PC Frank Oberle

WR Nathan Steinke

I recommend Sherry Hilton

Liberal 45 AP 13(14) NDP 9 GRN 4(5)

Red Deer-North

AP Krystal Kromm

LIB/GRN Michael Dawe

NDP Kim Schreiner

PC Christine Moore

WR Buck Buchanan

I recommend Michael Dawe

Liberal 46 AP 13(14) NDP 9 GRN 4(6)

Red Deer-South

AP Serge Gingras

GRN Ben Dubois

LIB Deborah Checkel

IND Patti Argent

IND William Berry

NDP Barb Miller

PC Darcy Mykytyshyn

WR Norman Wiebe

I recommend Deborah Checkel

Liberal 47 AP 13(14) NDP 9 GRN 4(6)

Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre

IND Joe Anglin

NDP Hannah Schlamp

PC Tammy Cote [Facebook]

WR Jason Nixon [Twitter]

I recommend holding the nose and vote Hannah Schlamp

Liberal 47 AP 13(14) NDP 10 GRN 4(6)

Sherwood Park

NDP Annie McKitrick

PC Cathy Olesen

WR Linda Osinchuk

Hold the nose and vote Annie McKitrick

Liberal 47 AP 13(14) NDP 11 GRN 4(6)

Spruce Grove-St. Albert

AP Gary Hanna

GRN Brendon Greene

LIB Reg Lukasik

NDP Trevor Horne

PC Rus Matichuk

WR Jaye Walter

I recommend Reg Lukasik

Liberal 48 AP 13(14) NDP 11 GRN 4(6)

St. Albert

AP Trevor Love

LIB Bill Alton

NDP Marie Renaud

PC Stephen Khan

WR Shelley Biermanski

I recommend Bill Alton

Liberal 49 AP 13(14) NDP 11 GRN 4(6)

Stony Plain

AP Sandy Simmie

GRN Matt Burnett

LIB Mike Hanlon

NDP Erin Babcock

PC Ken Lemke

WR Kathy Rondeau

I recommend Mike Hanlon

Liberal 50 AP 13(14) NDP 11 GRN 4(6)

Strathcona-Sherwood Park

AP Lynne Kaiser

NDP Estefania Cortes-Vargas

PC Dave Quest

WR Rob Johnson

I recommend Lynne Kaiser

Liberal 50 AP 14(15) NDP 11 GRN 4(6)


AF Glen Dundas

AP Einar Davison

GRN Mike Worthington

LIB Ali Abdulbaki

NDP Lynn MacWilliam

PC Molly Douglass

WR Derek Fildebrandt

I recommend Ali Abdulbaki

Liberal 51 AP 14(15) NDP 11 GRN 4(6)


NDP Saba Mossagizi

PC Richard Starke

WR Danny Hozack

Hold the nose and vote Saba Mossagizi

Liberal 51 AP 14(15) NDP 12 GRN 4(6)

West Yellowhead

NDP Eric Rosendahl

PC Robin Campbell

WR Stuart Taylor

Hold the Nose and vote NDP Eric Rosendahl

Liberal 51 AP 14(15) NDP 13 GRN 4(6)


NDP Bruce Hinkley

PC Verlyn Olson

WR Bill Rock

Hold the Nose and Vote Bruce Hinkley

Liberal 51 AP 14(15) NDP 14 GRN 4(6)

Whitecourt-Ste. Anne

NDP Oneil Carlier

PC George VanderBurg

WR John Bos

Hold the Nose and vote Oneil Carlier

Liberal 51 AP 14(15) NDP 15 GRN 4(6)

Did I miss count?

Point is the Centrist vote need not park their vote with the left or right and can win big.

You need to Liberal on 5 MAy 2015

Where possible.

From Dr. David Swann

During Thursday night's leader's debate it was clear that only the Alberta

Liberals can offer Albertans the trustworthiness, substance and balance they

deserve. We are the strong centrist alternative this province needs. I was

proud to articulate this fact over the course of the debate and in my closing

remarks as follows:

"Elections are about choices. The choice shouldn't be just parties on the far

left or the far right. 

The choice shouldn't be a governing party that has become cynical, complacent

and too often corrupt. 

The choice is about trust!

Our plan is specifically designed for you and your family. 

We will protect jobs, educate our children, care for our sick and elderly and

build our cities and towns.

Alberta Liberals are not beholden to any special interest- just your interests.

The Alberta Liberal Party is the pragmatic and progressive alternative to this

regressive conservative government.

Alberta Liberals have always been there for you and we always will be." 

We can hold this government to account. Liberal MLAs have a strong track record

of bringing forward progressive legislation to improve the quality of life of

all Albertans.

end of Doctor Swann comments. If you want to look to the future vote Alberta Liberal.