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Review of Arachnids in the UK

Yet another Chibnall Script. UGH!

Recommendations of the Week, Planet of the Spiders and Green Death!

Someone is hiding something. Fired for what?

Doctor is still not himself and

still manages to get the 'passengers'€™ back to Sheffield.

Doctor might leave but decides to stay.

Yaz brings friends home . Junk all over the place and stinks.

Sounds like Chibnall season all right.

Yaz gets a call to help a friend

Graham goes home to an empty house with a cobweb.

Yaz and Ryan explores only to find cobwebs in a flat next to Yaz.

Anna , Yaz's neighbour is spider mummified. And a big spider is discovered.

Time for a repellent.

Jane MacIntyre is about to say spiders are getting big.

Big spider in a research area!!

Yaz is coming! Hotel?? I winder what is the real reason for this hotel.

Spider research - what is happening to the irregular spiders?

Hotel manager Jack Robinson is an idiot! Typical Chibnall characterisation.

A big spider comes his way. Nadia is Yaz's mum.

Personal guard is gone via big spider.

The doctor see the big Spider. Run!! And Spiders trap Doctor and friends .

Jack Robinson, a Donald Trump clone a la Chibnall.

Chibnall satire, sorry get Jon Culshaw!

The Doctor is in charge accordingly to its friends!!

Graham and Ryan tries to trap a spider and whoops

and here comes and army of arachnids.

Big arachnid, big mystery. Time to check to joint out including keep out zones.

Spider victims in the restricted zone. Landfill on top of a hotel!

Chibnall version of business!

Chibnall your writing and your politics just is outright terrible.

You must be disappointed that Hillary Clinton is not the US President

and Theresa May is a paper thin leader. May is not Thatcher!

JLR companies. Chibnall you are disaster of a writer.

You cannot satirise Donald Trump with accuracy.

Doctor overracts and blah time. Panic room / lockdown area.

Lure spiders by rock vibration, bad!!

Jack shoots the spider and he looks mad, thank you Chibnall!!

Graham sees a ghost back home.

Adventure over, and Graham, Ryan and Jaz wants to travel with the Doctor.

Lever on.

Mix Green Death and Planet of the Spiders and what a failure!! Whittaker is

definitely the wrong choice for lead and Chibnall is an abysmal disaster

as showrunner. Save Doctor Who.

Go back to Twice Upon a Time and correct the Regeneration scene,


The Ghost Monument

The captain is complaining about evening to rescuing the Doctor and companions. Typical Chibnall, weak male characters. And the Doctor is not himself. Looking for The TARDIS. Messing ships up. BAD!

Tent Hologramme! Looks like everything is all over the place. No consistency. The Doctor is promising to keep everyone alive. TheTARDIS is on the planet but an a space-time anomoly is occurring.

The chase is on on a planet without logic? Wrecked ships. Cowardly Captain. Crazy Planet. Stepgranddad and stepgrandson not looking all the greatest.

The planet certain does not make sense Doctor. Set sail! Everyone is debating. Same old mistrust. Cigar smoking man! Move on Chibnall!

Building without people. Sun setting quickly and killer robots are coming out of nowhere. The whole planet is a target range. Nice one Chibnall!! Ryan goes gun crazy . Hide behind the pillars! Use an EMP!! Nice. NOT!!

Doctor thing scolds mr Captain and help Miss number 2. Right to the centre! Let's climb down. Catastrophic event - should you stay around?

A planet for war development - really want to stay around? The captain is sacrificed. Tunnels are full of mad creatures!! And the planet in the night! Even the Doctor is not spared - why not the gender going wrong? Doctor and team kill creature.

The Doctor and team arrives at a null reward. The challenge is won? Fighting yet another ghost! Well the Doctor and 3 are around with the Doctor looks guilty as charged. Weak looking Doctor and the companions to comfort it.

Sonic the TARDIS and magic! In we go and into a repaired interior. Very liittle next time.

Poorly written and atrocious. 0.5/10

The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Chibnall is not the right showrunner!


Starts of with Ryan and a special woman on Youtube?

You are looking incoherent.

So Ryan and his father will share adventure. Love he mixed couple.

Hate the tempter.

Ryan encounters tree and and alien life form.

2 women fighting about a scratch and police have to be called in? Pathetic.

And Policewoman complains about her job!

Yasmin Khan and Ryan Sinclair meets since Primary? Come one!

Mixed marriage , Ryan's stepdad and Grace

new yawn and the alien that hit Sheffield and the thing that fell to Earth.

The leaked madame seen. Scotsman?

You violated the Gallifrey / alien bit. Especially when you are an alien!

Last train .

Look for a doctor / yourself?!

Doctor / good friend. The result of overacting!

Doctor missing TARDIS and definitely not himself in a big way!

Exciting then worrying . Writing pathetic!

Alien objective moved. Why?

Doctor as Whittaker makes Colin Baker like like a genius in the fainting scene.

Fails at the Tennant in bed recovering scene.

Doctor still healing? Chibnall you really fail!

Doctor discovers DNA bomb and trying to resolve? Terrible!

Alien now hatched and a human is killed.

Doctor chases alien and explosions and Graham is last to follow line.

Get a new line!

Ryan describes incident. Oh my!

I forgot who I am overdone! I should be able to build something.

Ryan faults himself and Jas and Ryan believes this woman thing is an alien.

Nothing creative.

Doctor Who is dying with Chibnall in charge when the Doctor looks clueless.

And that sonic device looks like an X-rated prop.

Video recording and the thief is recording.

Hate the description of the Sonic Screwdrive. Bad start!

Alien war with Sheffield as a batlleground. Whatever!

So get them out of Earth range. Sontarans and Rutons come to mind.

Weaponised biotech. All right one for Chibnall.

Finally see a toothy alien? Yawn!

Alien so cold you can kill a human.

Alien hunt still on.

Construction site new battle scene.

I got a plan when I get there. Please! Enough of the old hat!

The Doctor needing someone to work a crane? I thought The Dcotor knew how?!

Jump and fight. Longer legs needed? More brains please.

The Doctor thing has the alien recall circuit. Bargain chip time.

Speech making? Poor scripting. Nannystating!!

Clever Doctor plants everything backs. Ryan's nan Grace

dies killing a weaponised creatures.

Ryan back on the bike.

Ryna's dad not reliable. Fear Her comes to mind.

Graham 3 years with Grace and he looks weak!

Doctor lost his family a long time ago.

Chibnall you really have no vision for anything!

Women's clothe line and costume no!! Earrings TARDIS MIA ...

And 4 of them at the end are beamed into outer space missing the TARDIS

target. The TARDIS does not want a faux Doctor.

Chibnall fail!

Pathetic!! Chibnall must move on! Lousy everything, plot, premise, ideas ...

Whittaker looks like a bumbling fool.

Bradley Walsh as Graham , no spine! It is time to clean house!

Just glimpses of upcoming stars. Chibnall and Whittaker out now!

You do not deserve to be renewed in 2019!

Go back to the regeneration scene

and correct the error from Twice Upon A time. 1/10

Doctor Who - The Lie of the Land Review with SPoilers

9/10 - I am a real sucker for a dark Orwellian theme.

The Thrillogy 9/10 !

Started in a virtual reality on how the decaying monks would invade Earth.

We also find out that Missy is in the vault.

The moved onto to an invasion where Bill sacrifices herself and the Doctor's

sight is restored.

What happened to Erica?

So now onto the Orwellian nightmare where the Doctor is part of the monks'

propaganda machine and Bill is trying to deal with her actions.

The monks have been here since the evolution of the Earth? Really Orwellian

and Darwinian!

Nardole recovers and Bill is put to the test.

She passes and the prison hulk where the Doctor is, is now resistance HQ!!

Even the Master aka Missy needs to be consulted as an adversary.

March onto the Cathedral in London.

The Lie of the Land. The monks are benevolent

and in great numbers? Not true.

What a transmitter.

Best line is Fake News Central!!

So the battle is between the Monks and the Doctor and companions.

Bill wins with the memory of her mother.

The oppressors are on the run. Will they be back?

The Doctor is not pure like Missy.

Shed a tear.

Next week , the British Army vs the Ice Warriors.

3 different writing styles, 3 different result.

Whithouse is effect in his Orwellian nightmare depiction.

Doctor Who The Pyramid at the End of the World Review With Spoilers

Really The Doctor is faced with a problem

but what an incredible midpoint.

A pyramid shows up out of nowhere.

An Agrolab is the target for the aliens.

So the President of Earth is called upon by the Secretary General of the U N and find Bill Potts.

All right, how can you get a TARDIS into an aircraft? Nitpick point.

This is not Time-Flight!!

So we end up in a junction, but what the invaders' plan?

The Pyramid is a spaceship with these 'monks'.

The monks can prevent a 'disaster' if the surrender is 'pure'.

Step 1)

The Earth must show unity.

Attack neutralised.

Still an error happens at the Agrofood labs.

The multiple visits to the Monks' pyramid should be a clue to a distraction.

The Midnight Clock is counting down.

The Doctor needs to solve the puzzle.

The plan is to blind the monks and isolate the fault the monks are using.

Dead are the UN Secretary and the 3 marshals of big world military powers.

The Doctor does find the fault in the lab and decides the only way to stop the disaster is to blow up the lab.

Bill pays a price as the Doctor's sight is restored



Written to intrigue

I may not be a fan of the RCC but even in simulation we see a greater evil.

Computer simulation, what an idea.

The Doctor is blind and guarding the vault.

He is remember the 'execution' of Missy and is sworn to guard her for

1000 years dead or alive. Nardole is in there as comic relief.

Also the Doctor is in Bristol to receive a Vatican City delegation, or is he?

He picks Bill up. Pipes and the Pope? Nice tough of rough humour.

The Vatican, Veritas is 'getting translated' and suicides are being committed.

I will blow this open right now. An alien invasion simulating Earth is

happening. Even the projecotrs are gettng it correct.

Are you real or part of the simulation?

This reminds me of a Combination of The Android Invasion and the Long Game.

The Android Invasion, the adversary simulates Earth to see how to invade it.

The Long Game, everyone on Earth is playing a Game within a Game.

So now we have an invader with the perfect replication, Doctor included. Well

big mistake, personality is also copiedy and hence the Real doctor could

be warn. 3 plots lines in one.

Plotholes anyone?

Can the Doctor stop the invaders? That is answered next week after

Arsenal beats Chelsea for the FA Cup!


9/10 .

The Doctor sets this up in lecture and in Space Oxygen is a cost. So

much that suits will deactivate their host.

A lot of double entendres and many a theme on capitalism, computer

systems and quite timely given the massive randomware incident. Sorry

simpletons you do not qualify.

So the Doctor answers a distress call. No oxygen when he arrives. All

right, light up the station and let the party begin. A nightmarish


The Doctor makes contact with the crew and a bit of panic takes place.

The crew wants to know how the Doctor and companions arrived. A chase

does occurs of zombies going after the Doctor and friends

and when they arrive in the spacesuits that were under repair They meet

the humans and a blue man. Funny stuff about discrimination.

Well the zombie suits do break in and an escape has to take place.

Bill is in a really damaged suit. Her helmet will no work.

The Doctor gives her his helmet.

Does anyone recall terror of the Zygons and even 4 to Doomsday

where the Doctor can conserve oxygen in a state without health damage.

The Doctor ends up blind. All right, please explain!!

So what is really happening.

The suits are deactivating their 'organic' component as programmed!

The suits are programmed to believe that the organics could be wasting oxygen

and that is costly. Nice Capitalistic thought!!

The Doctor did 'zombie' Bill the second time and made the suits think

that death is too expensive!

Well programmed! Not a hack, but , yeah, talk about crocked programming.

The Doctor drops the surviving crew and headquarters.

Back in Bristol, it is revealed that the Doctor is still blind.

Wait on till next week.

Doctor Who - Knock , Knock

Knock, Knock? Who is there? Doctor . Doctor Who?

Enough funny stuff


What a lot of surprises in that episode. Terrifically written!

So Bill joins up with 5 members looking for a flat.

They find one with the help of an old gentleman who is looking for 6 tenants.

1st Tenant moved in and something weird happens.

The Doctor helps Bill to move (How does the TARDIS surround it target?

This has not been explained properly)

The Tower is forbidden, why? We shall see.

Bill and the rest

The Doctor decides to check things up on his own.

So insects like lice / cockroaches are eating people alive , why? And

why are they part of the wood?

Bill and friend make it to the tower after another mate goes missing.

The Doctor finds and elevator and he and a new friend espace under.

They find previous tenants . 2 more tenants are enveloped.

The Doctor decides to Help.

All right. Nit pick time.

How come Eliza believed that this was her father and not her son? Not


The slugs, They help the Eliza but no explanation to their origin.

The Doctor opens the windows and a fireworks show is happening.

Mother releases the slugs and takes her son with her.

Why are only the recent 6 released and not everyone else?

Certainly everyone should have been released.

Everyone escapes.

The Doctor opens the vault. What is in there?

Doctor Who Thin Ice

** This review may contain spoilers **

Wow! This is mindblowing!!

No explanation to what the creature in the Thames is or what came about, but a good storyline!

The Doctor and Bill are in London 1814 where an ice carnival is happening.

So the TARDIS does land and should check his scanner before going out.

Privilege, scandal, urchins, you name it well written.

So people are pulled into the Thames and are a meal


The Doctor sees a disappearance for himself , a poor young thief named Spider, and decides to get involved (Typical).

He does get the street children / urchins onside (good writing on social consciousness).

The Doctor decides to get Scuba gear and dive in!!

Underneath is a creature that is chained( why?)

Further exploration to a factory with the help of a circus worker reveals mud brick that can be used as rocket fuel.

The Doctor visit the villain Lord Sutcliff and here comes the action. He fakes Club credential and when Sutcliff becomes ungentlemanly, the fight breaks out and the Doctor and Bill are arrested.

The doctor makes the most compassionate speak and have no effect.

Both the Doctor and Bill are sent to the Thames and the desperation now climbs.

Sonic Screwdriver to the rescue and the man with the tattoo holding the sonic screwdriver is lunch.

The best scene. The Doctor is a servant to humanity and Bill has to give the order.

A decision making moment for the companion that makes this the best episode so far.

Yes for liberation and then the action happens.

Bill and street urchins evacuate the river.

The Doctor works on his side.

Sutcliff decides to blow up the river circus.

Instead the Doctor reroutes the explosives to free the creature.

Game on! Sonic Screwdriver is recoverable.

Sutcliff is that last lunch for the fish.

Love the ending where the urchins inherit the Sutcliffe name.

And that newspaper clip rock.

So what is in the vault?

Smile Review with Spoilers

google TV boxes are useful!!

Welcome to a new era.

I rate this 8.5/10 !

This is much better than last week's mishmash!

Bill does a Rose in this one and written better.

Nardole makes a brief cameo.

So past or future Bill?

Future it is!!

Did someone rip off RTD's 2nd script?


We see the future. Something has gone wrong with the robotic servants

and the humans. People are dying and sadness is target for unmutuality!

The first crew dies ....

The Doctor and Bill arrive to a new city on a planet

20 light years.

There are scanned and greeted.

The robots speak Emoji.

As I said unhappy feelings are reasons for being nailed off.

First its dinner.

Then the garden only to find that the dead are being used as fertiliser.

The Doctor and Bill make it back to the TARDIS rather britally.

The Doctor tells Bill to stay with the TARIDS while he

prevents a next ship from being slaughtered.

Back to the city for the Doctor. So far so good

and the Doctor is looking for something new.

Bill surprises the Doctor (how fast is she) and

Bill is getting under the Doctor's skin.

Yes, the Doctor is the Police . Nice twist.

The Doctor and Bill find a ship (United Earth) and enter.

The doctor gets Bill to read the schematic of the ship.

The Doctor plans to use the ship to blow up the mad machines.

Here is the brilliant twist!!

Bill find a young colonist!

As the Doctor is trying to set the ship to destruct, Bill is trying to

get new information to the Doctor.

The Doctor has to fight a mechanical antibody. The time of his life as usual.

As soon as the Doctor finds out about the new colonist,

he countermans his own sabotage.

He has to now plan a peaceful co-existence with the colonists

and the artificially intelligent life forms, the Vardy

otherwise humanity in its anger could be wiped out.

The young colonist is looking for his mother and feels sad.

An angry fight arises when the shuams and the vardy tangle.

The Doctor does need to work on anger control when bad news happens.

The Doctor's only chance is to hit the reset button

and he does.

The Vardy have forgetten unhappiness and grief.

The humans need to be clamed down.

The Doctor acts as go between and

please everyone smile.

Happy endings and a new adventure awaits.

Plot: Clearer than the start.

The doctor : His usual self

Bill: The companion that is maturing.

Doctor Who - The Pilot 2016 aired 15 April 2017

5.5 / 10

All right Since Christmas we have been expecting Bill Potts

to come to the Table.

The Doctor is trying to crack a vault with Nardole.

Why is the Doctor interested in Miss Bill Potts?

She is tagging along for the ride while the Doctor

poses as a Bristol U lecturer. So how did the Doctor get these creditials

and what are they trying to crack?

Bill and 'Heather' is having a friendly relation on that Hether

is no longer human.

So what is this intelligent fuel and what was it doing at Bristol U?

I wonder if Bristol U has been upgraded since 1992 when I went into

the Library just to check the local politics on a national newspaper.

It looks different.

So Bill and The Doctor has spent some time from say OCtober to

whatever the new semester is.

2 plots. 1 ) The Vault in Bristol.

2) Heather becoming the pilot in this intelligent goo.

What hots up? Heather in Bill's Flat and the chase is on.

1st the vault.

2nd Australia

3rd 23 million years into the future.

All right, this goo which 'midnight' is travelling through space and

time. Rather perplexing.

4th a Movellan Dalek Battle hopefully to kill this glob.

The Glob becomes a Dalek and then back to Heather.

Now for a mental battle. Will Miss Bill join Heather on her travels?


Will the Doctor try to mind wipe Bill?

Bill is trong and looks to be more informed.

A small mental battle is ensuing and the Doctor

and Nardole

decides Bill will joins.

No explanation to what the goo is. No idea of why the vault

is there. No real idea of how everything lines up. I think Moffat

was tired when he wrote this script.

The Doctor : Still as wiley as can be.

Bill Potts: I will give her a chance

Nardole: Creative

Hands up who was impressed.

The Future episodes look nice.

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Openssl updates

I take quite some time!

Updating openssl and what it affects such as cURL, clamav, bind exim, dovecot , ftpd, mysql, postgresql SQLITE, httpd and php is a task!

What are the polls saying about Alberta Election 2015

NDP Majority or Hung Legislature? Are there any other factors?

All right what do the aggregate says of all these polls?

Just using Election Almanac Poll page on Alberta Elections 2015

We have

Province wide

AB Vote Alberta Wide n=1153 NDP 44% PCAA 20% WRP 19% Liberals 11% AB Party 6%

ROI n=557 NDP 38% PCAA 24% WRP 21% Liberals 10% AB PArty 4% ( ROI including undecided ndp 28% PCAA 18% WRP 15% Liberals 8% AP 3% others 2% und 26%)

Leger n=1014 NDP 38% PCAA 30% WRP 24% Liberals 6 AB PArty 1% OThers 1%

ThinkHQ n=2114 NDP 39% PCAA 20% WRP 27% Liberals 9% AB Party 4% other 1% (decided n=1501) undecided 13%

EKOS NDP 44.3% WRP 24.0% PCAA 22.5% Liberal 5.6% AB PArty 2.2% n=823

MainStreet n=3143 NDP 38% PCAA 18% WRP 23% Liberals 4% Alberta PArty 2% Undecided 14%

Forum n=1060 NDP 42% PCAA 21% WRP 24% Liberals 5% Alberta Party 5%


AB VOte Edmonton n=340 NDP 62% PCAA 14% WRP 12% Liberals 8% AB Party 4%

ROi n=178 Edmonton NDP 57% PCAA 19% WRP 11% Liberals 8% AB PArty 4%

Leger n=438 NDP 56% PC 21% WRP 16% Liberals 8% AB PArty 1%

ThinkHQ n=582 deciced voters NDP 56% PCaa 17% WRP 17% Liberals 8% undecided 11%

EKOS NDP 59% PCAA 19% WRP 18% Liberal 2% AB PArty 0%

Mainstreet n=1040 NDP 66% PC 14% WRP 7% Liberal 3% AB Party 1% undecided 7%

Forum n=306 NDP 55% PC 19% WRP 13% Liberals 7% AB Party 5%


AB Vote Calgary n=380 NDP 37% PCAA 24% WRP 20% Liberals 15% AB Party 6%

ROI n=184 NDP 28% PCAA 32 % WRP 24% Liberals 15% AB Party 3%

Leger n=448 NDP 30% PCAA 33% WRP 26% Liberals 9% AB Party 2%

ThinkHQ n=641 NDP 31% PCAA 23% WRP 28% Liberals 11% ABPArty 6% undecided 13%

EKOS NDP 41% PC 22% WRP 22% Liberals 9% AB Party 6%

Mainstreet n=1061 NDP 30% PCAA 21% WRP 22% Liberals 9% AB Party 4% undecided 14%

Forum n=323 NDP 37% PCAA 21% WRP 26% Liberals 6% Alberta Party 6%

Outside Edmonton and Calgary

AB Vote Outside Edm and Cgy n=433 NDP 37% PCAA 20% WRP 35% Liberals 11% AB Party 6%

ROI n=195 NDP 34% PCAA 22% WRP 28% Liberals 8% AB PArty 5%

Leger n=294 NDP 30% PCAA 34% WRP 28% Liberals 4% AB PArty 2%

Mainstreet n=1042 NDP 33% WRP 28% PCAA 18% Liberals 3% Alberta PArty 2% undecided 16%

EKOS NDP 36% WRP 31% PC 26% Liberals 5% AB PArty 1%

Interesting note on the EKOS/Corus/Global Poll preview week to voting

The poll showed Wildrose supporters were the most committed to their party, with Liberal and Alberta Party supporters the most likely to change their vote:

NDP supporters – 51 per cent have made up their mind, while 49 per cent could change their mind.

Wildrose supporters – 64 per cent have made up their mind, while 36 per cent could change their mind.

PC supporters – 54 per cent have made up their mind, while 46 per cent could change their mind.

Liberal supporters – 25 per cent have made up their mind, while 75 per cent could change their mind.

Alberta Party supporters – 31 per cent have made up their mind, while 70 per cent could change their mind.

EKOS itself reveals that based on Federal support

Liberal PArty of Canada supporters

NDP 47% Liberals 21% PC 19% Alberta PArty 8% Wildrose 4% HUH??!!

Conservative PArty of Canada supporters

PC 46% WRP 37% NDP 11% Liberals 3% Alberta PArty 3%

NDP federally in Alberta

NDP 86% WRP 8% PCAA 4% Liberal 1% Alberta PArty 1%

Federal Greens in Alberta

NDP 47% Green 27% Liberal 5% PCAA 2% Green 2%


Click 1 ab Vote for their poll.

Click ROI

Click Leger

Click ThinkHQ

EKOS/GLobal/Corus Click Global/Corus and Ekos report

May 4 Ekos MAy 4

Click MainStreet

Click Forum Research

Overall, the NDP are PERCEIVED to lead. The reality is that you choose to have a Liberal Majority, an NDP MAjority, a PC majority, a Wildrose MAjority or a minorty government. Get out and vote and MAke IT COUNT!!